The Telos network is a new network based on a code-fork of the EOSIO software that also powers EOS. Telos will use a token distribution identical to the EOS genesis snapshot but will cap each account @ 40,000 Telos tokens (TLOS).

Some developers that were participants in the initial launch of EOS decided to fork the software to make things better for the whole EOSIO system so they put in time and resources to come up with ways to deal with some of the issues that the EOS network has experienced after the launch. Now this is not to say that the EOS ecosystem has not made proposals or ideas to deal with the issues, but as everyone knows, a few months to solve issues is like many years in crypto. Hopefully as the Telos network launches and these ideas start working, the whole EOSIO ecosystem can benefit from each other.

Anyway, one of the great things with the Telos founding group is the transparency. Since I have been involved in cryptocurrency, I have not really experienced the kind of openness found in the group working on this project. Whatever questions you have, you can ask without anyone making you feel dumb. My hope is that this continues to be the case as the network launches and mass adoption starts happening on the network. One of the areas of transparency is the launch progess update. Anybody can follow this on the website @

There is an actual launch checklist that has to be met before the network goes live. The launch group is not afraid to delay the launch if the parameters have not been met. The launch has actually been delayed twice already because they want to make sure that the network is secure and that everything goes as planned. They are not taking any chances. I mean, think about it; if billions of dollars worth of value will be created as I believe it will, wouldn’t it be worth it to take the precautions to make sure that the network is the best it can be? There will be a go/no go vote coming up on October 31st, 2018 to determine if the network is ready to be launched. Below is a picture of what the launch checklist looks like



So for the average guy, what does this all mean? If you had EOS tokens at the snapshot in June 2018, before the EOS network launched, ensure that you have access to your private keys so you can claim your TLOS. Remember that you have one year to claim your tokens after the activation of the network by making at least one transaction. This transaction can just be staking and voting for the block producers. After one year, your account will be subject for deletion by the block producers and even deleted from the chain. So, please claim your tokens! You kind of paid for them already when you decided to join the EOSIO ecosystem.

Now if you are new to the EOSIO ecosystem and did not own EOS tokens before the June 2018 snapshot, the Telos founding group had you in mind. First of all, 29 days after the launch of the network, a snapshot of the Telos accounts will be taken and going forward, any airdrops will be using the new snapshot date instead of the June snapshot date. Secondly, you can earn TLOS by sharing about Telos through various social platforms. The Telos foundation designated 1 Million TLOS to be up for grabs for anybody that is willing to put in some time and effort to share their excitement about Telos. You can find out more @ Time is running out for these rewards. You will have to submit proof of the various links that used in sharing your excitement!

The best wallet for you to download and claim your tokens to is the Sqrl wallet which is a fork of the Greymass wallet. Since the network is still in the test phase, you will need to wait for the network to launch to claim them. If you are involved in the community rewards, you will need to register and also submit your owner or active public keys to the Telos community rewards group where your token rewards will be sent to.

If your EOS tokens were held in an exchange, you were not forgotten about. There is a campaign to encourage the exchanges to request for your TLOS tokens. There are even rewards that you can earn by reaching out to your exchange. You can find out about this @

If you are a developer and you are interested in building dApps but are worried about resources, you might qualify for Telos foundation and Goodgrants. You don’t have to wait for the network to launch, you can actually apply as soon as possible. Check out and also contact Goodblock @ [email protected]

If you are in the legal professional and are interested in being an arbitrator in the world’s first governed blockchain arbitrators elected by it’s members, you will want to apply @ You don’t have to wait for the Telos network to launch to apply, you can apply right now.

If you are interested in being a nominee for the 12 elected board members or you know someone in the Telos contributors group or outside of it that you believe can contribute a lot to the Telos network and community, you can nominate them by contacting the foundation group @ [email protected]

For more information on the launch, you can follow the development on Telegram @ .

Here is to a great launch and all that Telos network has in store for the believers!

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