Technically, there are eleven (11) players on the field chasing that one super yet ordinary leather made ball. In that very peculiar game, the ball keeps jumping from one hand to another without staying in a place.

It’s almost an offense if you hold the ball for too long, whether as a kicker or as a goal keeper. Holding too long will have impact on, not just your eventual outcome but also affects your competitive strategy which culminates into a loss or win depending on how you handle the situation at hand.

The game of football thus far has taught us that any, and every position on the field is important. It’s called a team because everyone is relevant and unique to deliver the desired result.

Is there a team without a lead? Or captain?

Of course not.

There must be a motivator and a team lead that creates a balance and define the strategy from the board room right there on the pitch.

I want to ask you a question. Who do you think should always be the captain.

The tallest, the shortest, the best player maybe, the hard guy who goes all out for the board, or maybe the goalkeeper?

In all of this, the title of a captain is not any of the aforementioned sensitive. Picking the best player with an unchecked emotional outburst can lead to the collective failure of the entire team.

Okay, so what’s the criteria?

Well, I’m as confused as you. I really don’t know.

But here is what I think…

Leadership is more people centered that person based. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

Being a captain that chiefs a team will come as a result of coordination and competence coupled with emotional balance and exceptional relational capacity that the individual possesses.

People will listen to you because they respect you. People will respect you because you worked hard to earn it. You will earn respect because you overtime grew into that capacity of a person people can trust.

There is a thing as “That one player”.

He might not play the finest football but he sure player the finest personality.

He might not know all the strategy to conquer all at once but if given the opportunity will work something favorable eventually.

He might not be an exceptional communicator but he believes in his strengths and is constantly working on his weaknesses, growing constantly to be the best for the team.

Being that one player is not about knowing everything, it is about knowing what works and staying with it. Staying means, growing continually through consistency.

You are very unique and that special thing you carry might be just all this needed to lead the team to victory.

Stay on the pitch and bring your uniqueness to that game. The world needs it.

Your peculiarity is what makes you “that one player”.

Be “That one player” that the team needs. Don’t shy away from your potentials and let go of your great responsibilities.

Be that one player.

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