In terms of Technology, the future is here. Now are you keeping up with the most up to date world of futuristic ideas?

In an increasingly technological world, it is impossible to think of a less modern tomorrow than today. The advance and the innovations in technology arrive every day and become part of our daily life. Are you interested in this kind of trend? Then have a look at the selection I made of technologies that are changing and promise to change the world even more.


3D Printing –

These are without a doubt, something that represents well the technology of the future. The process, also called rapid prototyping, can be used to produce the most diverse objects and has as main advantages the speed and the relatively low cost.

The stakes are diverse and include even the impression of cars human organs and real estate. And if you think it’s a crazy prediction, know that this reality is getting closer. The 3D printing company Apis Color has built a 37 square meter house in just one day in Russia in March this year. In addition, Audi also recently introduced a car created by its 3D metal printers.


Autonomous cars –

Another technology of the future that already exists, but promises to develop even more are the stand-alone cars. The prediction of the futurist Ian Pearson is that in ten years the autonomous cars will be everywhere. He imagines that they will be less like cars and more with boxes of metals very cheap and that will serve as a system of carpool sharing.

The Milken Institute, for its part, estimates that car manufacturers will launch stand-alone cars that will be able to park alone in the next decade. They also predict that by 2035, most autonomous vehicles will have no command made by humans.


Solar Energy –

This one is certainly a technology of the future. Although it has been a possibility for decades, this energy source is not exactly popular, because the cost to implement it is often high. However, over time, the value of solar panels has been decreasing, which makes solar energy a bet for the next few years.

Futurist Ian Pearson told Tech Insider that by the year 2050 only planes would have to use fossil fuels. Some countries will use more solar energy thanks to improvements in underwater cables that will allow the use of energy generated in places where the sun is most incident, such as the Sahara desert, which will function as solar farms.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) also estimates that by 2050, 27% of the world’s total energy will be generated by solar energy, making it the largest source of electricity on the planet. If this is done, about six billion tonnes of carbon dioxide will no longer be produced per year.

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