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The fifth instalment in the series describes the aftermath of a battle. Some sort of difficulty has just occurred to us, and we are either its victims of we are the ones who succeeded by malicious means. If we are the losers we need to accept defeat and look to the future.  If we were the perpetrators, we would do well to watch our hubris and be wary of a karmic backlash. Whatever the difficulties are, we can do nothing about what has come to pass, it has happened and we have to deal with the outcome.


What we do have control over is the attitude we have ourselves. The following poem deals with two differing voices, each interpreting the day in their own fashion. We can moan about our lot in life, and feel persecuted and slighted. Or we can accept what has happened, prepare to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, and get on with it.


Christmas can be a tumultuous time. For some it is a time of reunion and celebration, while for others it is a reminder of loneliness, sometimes leading to suicide. Obviously there is a lot more going on in those situations than just perspective and attitude. But when we must show up at the family dinner and all the greatness or lameness that entails, we can grumble through it all, or try to discover something new about them. We can marvel at the sprinkles on the sugar cookies, or curse under our breath at the tenth reiteration of Silent Night. If we throw a tantrum and knock over the Christmas tree, we will have to go through grandma’s wrath, and future shaming. If we invite the carollers inside, and everyone sings their hearts out, then maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

If the Holiday Season is a battle for you, then try to approach it with new eyes, it only lasts a week or two. And if you are someone who is making it more difficult for others, remember that at some point you will be in their shoes, and try to sympathize with their struggle.


The next post will usher in the New Year, and be my final post for 2018.  I wish everyone a Happy Holiday! And I hope that for you it is much more a celebration than a trial!


The Five of Swords – December 24, 2018


Photo Credit: Elric2012

His face is flashing with incredulity
Of the sinusoidal deviations of the day
Each hour a fallen soldier in
Life’s meticulous battlefield
Every new delay
An affront to some imagined conclusion.


I smile at the loopy geometry of the day
Rolling with the lefts and the rights
Knowing that despite
This disdainment park journey
The ride is hastening to an end.

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