Adoption in the cryptocurrency world, they say will never cease to improve. The latest of it all is, the popularly and widely used contactless smart card in Argentina, called the “Sube” card, can now be used to load cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) to be used to pay for transportation purpose with the country. Payments using this card is applicable to all means of public transportation in the country, be it buses, trains, subways, and motorboats. This was made known to the public by Argentine government as it was published on their website.

The contactless smart card, Sube stands for Sistema Único de Boleto Electrónico. It follows rechargeable mechanism where you can load money directly from your bank account whenever you exhaust the funds in it already but now you will be able to do that using BTC. The government made it clear that this will be first available to 37 cities in the country adding on their website saying that anyone who wishes to travel by bus or subte (underground metro) in Buenos Aires will have to get this card, Sube.

The local news agency that brought this story forth, cripto247, tried to explain that the new improvement on the Sube card was as a result of the successful integration of the online card funding platform, Alto Viaje and fintech startup Bitex. The combined efforts of these two firms is now making the new idea of integrating BTC with the Sube card to become a fruitful one. Alto Viaje’s website reads thus;

Sube is the only card that allows you to pay for public transport throughout Argentina.

This however, is not the first time BTC is being integrated as a means of payment in the transportation sector. So many developed countries in the Asian, European and the United States have started something of this nature before. Although, this development has not in any way boost the price of BTC, so we shouldn’t be surprised if something like this occurs here, too.

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