I’m not a religious guy but I don’t have nothing against religions, some of them I find really interesting and have very deep values. We live in a free world and everyone able to act making his own choices. Once I was a Catholic but then I quit for a series of reasons that I’m not going to explain now because it’s not the right place, so I decided to believe only in what I see and I can touch. They are what I consider simple life choices.

Although I’m not a believer, I have always liked churches because they are full of history inside and outside, some of them are real art’s job. Like anticipated in the title of the post from my point of view, art is art always and everywhere, of any nature, and I appreciate it for what it represents: creating and knowing how to amaze are two qualities that I consider fundamental for the inside growth of every living being.

Some churches, like the one where I made the shots of this post are not really beautiful from outside, but inside I found it really nice. I am talking about the        Capuchin monastery of Châtillon ( Aosta Valley – Italy), built in 1626, and used as a military base in 1802, a decision taken by the French Government, the friars returned to be able to dispose of their church again in 1817.

The simplicity of the churches of the Capuchin Friars has always fascinated me, they also prove it by wearing their sandals, which is one of the symbols that represents their choice to live in poverty. Inside there are no golden things (or almost), a color that I personally find a little bit too exuberant as internal design.

Below the two pulpits inside the church


The altar (Here is the only golden object of the Church)


A crucifix


Wood work outside the Church

Outside the church there is a map of the “Via Francigena”(the common name of an ancient road and pilgrim route running from France to Rome)

Crucifix outside the church

Back of the church

Exterior of the church



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  1. Andrey

    Great job, I already see how the company creates credibility.
    Among the huge competition, the project creates itself more original, I wonder what the success will be, especially since tokens are already on sale