CIS software, known as Continuous Improvement Software is dubbed as “an affordable quality management software for all industries.”

Personally at our company, a manufacturing company, we have used the CIS software for a little over a year after having it recommended to us by an individual. In a nutshell, does it work? Barely. In judging whether or not something is affordable you must look at what you get for what your paying. The CIS software does a passable job at prepping and organizing companies for certifications such as ISO 9000 series. Then again so can free software such as Google Drive if formatted correctly. CIS is frustrating at best. Uploading files are slow and cumbersome, many files that had a revision made need to have the file name changed manually. Getting started with CIS takes more work than it should. As I said earlier uploading files is slow and often times you will sit and wait for a simple pdf file to upload while so you can move onto the next.

If you desire anything other than a basic quality system look elsewhere. For the money you pay CIS is not worth it. As businesses grow you may want to keep track of materials, keep track of employee time on various jobs, integrated accounting, and simply stated, more bang for your buck. For similar pricing there are much better suited programs for quality management that of so many additional features that they put CIS to shame.

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