I always advice people to put their money where your knowledge is….

This short article is not about what the best instrument is but about what the best investment methodology is…

What should I invest in?

Bitcoin, ripple or ethereum?

Bonds, treasury bill or industrial stocks?

Apple, Amazon or Facebook stock?

Forex or Futures?

The real question is

What do I know about the aforementioned instruments?

How do I know when to hold, sell or buy?

What type of investor am I or do I want to be?

What is the best investment to put my money based on the knowledge I have now?

Here is a basic info on what some of the instruments are.


Bonds are instruments the government of a country sells to its citizen to raise funds for some of its operations. These instruments are sold and bought back at higher price overtime. Basically bonds are dept sold to be bought back at a higher rate. Bonds are safe as the risks of losing your investment are extremely slim. The ROI is also very Small (5%-18% per annum in My country).

For me, bonds are a safe way of investing your money but it requires huge amount to get anything substantial out as returns.


Forex on the other hand requires skills that require time and practice to master, years of practice. There are two basic methods to invest in Forex.

1. By yourself (train yourself or get trained)

2. Through others (trading firm, and investment house)

Forex trading is very risky as you are given the opportunity to make more than 20x if your capital or burn your capital in just one trade. The Forex market is highly speculative and only few traders wins the market consistently enough to make good returns.

While the ROI in Forex trading can be extremely high, consistency is rare and only the best traders can create it.

Treasury Bill

Treasury bills operate in the same manner as bond but with options of lesser period of cash out, starting from three months to one year.

Treasury bills, like bond are pretty safe to invest in..

Embark on a journey for knowledge in the world of investment and I assure you, you will find something that fits young personality

This best way to invest in anything is to invest in you.

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