Since some time I and my guys from my free Trading Discord group check exchanges for deposits, withdrawals, trading, support etc.

The current list can be found at where we explain what is the best use of the spoken crypto exchange, its withdrawal limits, best coins to trade and such. The list is short and to the point, as i do not like spamming with long texts that can be shrunk into short.

Just before you ask – why there is not all EOS / ETH decentralized spots there that you know of ? Because we are going there only for things listed on CoinMarketCap site since they verify volumes and how good spots are.

Sadly, for now, none of the exchanges with TRYBE are listed there so TRYBE itself is not to be found. But not sure TRYBE loads of EOS tokens are also not there yet so do not worry. We just need time and those exchanges need time too,

So what changed on the bitcoin exchanges list ? Well a bit! This is the most updated checked place with no documents needed crypto exchanges and we are checking all those fast. got kicked – i loved this guys, that place as it was BTC-E which survived even FBI and SEC bust. Sadly looks like they scammed away in the end and will not come back. I hope i am wrong but for now they are fully deleted of the list. Yet i really with they will come back as this is the oldest bastion of secure, safe and anon exchanges.

HitBTC got kicked – they are not re-running wallets of some coins since months (even a year?), have super hardcore withdrawal fees to stop people getting cash out and owe people money – ie myself for a too long time. I do not they will ever get back to the list.

Cryptopia got removed – not fully deleted but removed. They say that they had a hack lately. We will see. They lost only some ETH and based tokens on it and 1 coin. So if they come back, let users get all others and just wait to payback from fees or insurance for ETH i will re-add. For now, they are faded , yet not deleted.


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  1. James Diegel

    I think far too many exchanges were created far too fast – some of which really shouldn’t have been allowed to operate or became outright hi-way robbers in their withdrawal and other fee structures. I hope that by the time people start getting into crypto again that things are different and the most trusted and secure get the greatest amount of business – but then again, this is crypto and there will always be exchanges that may not be up to par that are incentivizing users with promotions that in the long run they will not be able to keep. As you say, time will tell and the truly honest exchanges will find a way through, but as I found myself back in the day, due diligence ain’t always so easy when your new 🙂

  2. Nicholas

    I dont use so much exchange, because im not a big trader, but due some well-known facts, the cryptosphere need the no-kyc platforms 🙂
    I think, its not bad, existing these exchanges, this is not too much, at time, we will see, which one is good, and which one are gone.
    And the risk, yep, this is the cryptoverse, risk everywhere 🙂