Black; the beauty skin of   africa                                        The skin of nature                  The black skin that sells money                                      if there is anything that can be called beautiful                  Then it is black

A colour that no one can hide                                            Black; the colour that has dignity                                      They are common looking but the best in the world        Black, oh black!                        A coulour that i shall forever be proud of.

  A colour worthy of recognition                              A colour that posess riches  A colour that, no matter the circumstance it still remains.

The colour itself is gentility  The diamond that shines bright in the face of men      Every footstep it takes, it leaves gold on its footprint  It colour can illuminate an entire room

Black is beautiful.                    Simple, yet so attractive;      Elegant, yet so cool;                Quiet but yet so popular        Each moment is beautiful

A colour that people insult    A colour that signifies           Africa                                        That’s my African beauty      I am proud to be a black beauty                                       It is natural to be black.

Black is the colour that even the white praise                      The colour that money can   never buy                                The colour that has character.

The colour that flows in the African blood                          The colour that i would like to have even in the next future.                                      The colour that been admired by nation                  The colour that beautify   Africa                                        My love for black is tender    The unique colour among   all colours                                 The colour that even  the flowers smile and admire      The colour that even the waters admire                        The colour that even the tress’s dance with their branches, when ever the see the  beauty                        The adorable colour that flows with nature.                  The irreplaceable colour   and skin                                  There is happiness in the colour black because it   symbolise peace and unity O black my colour, my   pride, am so thankful to     my creator for creating me  a black beauty.   

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