*The irony with decentralization:- I got to thinking about what truly is the goal of decentralization especially since it still is being controlled by centralized bodies and policies. We trade, purchase and store the supposed decentralized assets on centralized exchanges and wallets and it leaves me wondering how much more is needed from us as a people before we get to that place of pride where we can say, “it is here to stay. 


Knowing that no one can be that sure about where we are going, makes it kinda tricky because, the people who are supposed to be giving some information gives some false assurances that everything will be fine once we call it “decentralization” thereby living the important aspects of the journey, “TRUST”.

Decentralization should be more about TRUST and not a complete dichotomy between centralized or decentralized systems if it is to work. The thriving and pursuit for a decentralized economy will not be complete without a centralized economy and policy influence.

Centralized economy still holds sway because we need it to form a clear cut decentralized economy that will be able to fine-tune the way things are done in every sector of the economy. The world have come to trust the centralized ecosystem despite its various shortcomings and getting those who have come to trust it so much to change their minds and move, means there must be some high level of trust in the offing when we talk decentralisation. 

Is the Blockchain here to stay and if yes, will the centralized economy play any vital role to help us achieve this?

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