It’s actually a collection of DApps that together create a Decentralized Autonomous Economy in the Physical World. The TRANSITIONAL RESOURCE MONETARY SYSTEM (TRMS)

The intention of the TRMS is to make obsolete the Federal Reserve and to make the beneficiaries of “New Money Creation” the actual producers of physical products in the economy.  In addition it give incentives for the use of easily recyclable materials in physical products.  If that wasn’t enough it amasses the “recyclable-reusable content” as the common heritage of ALL and is the backing to the cryptocurrency or the TRMS the $MRT.  Also these benefits will only be available to Living People (no Corporations or Fictitious Entities) and hence will give the advantage back to the “Little Guy Entrepreneur”.  Here is the stated goals of the TRMS:

1. It is the intention of this economic system to provide a stable currency backed by recyclable materials both in storage and in products within the economy.

2. to promote the usage of recyclable materials and modular technologies as well as reusable products.

3. to lessen the burden of labor costs on producers.

4. to lessen the costs for natural resource extractors.

5. to lessen the costs for building a home and possessing land.

6. to create such abundance that the perceived cost of things becomes insignificant.

7. the elimination of corporations and Admiralty Law on the Land

These are indeed lofty goals but the concepts encompassed in the design make it clear that it is doable and doable NOW,,, or rather as soon as the project can get some more support form benevolent programmers.  You see the main problem is that this cryptocurrency makes NO MONEY for its designers and founders.  It is a pure decentralized system for the creation of money to give the incentives stated above and eliminate the possibility of INFLATION and DEFLATION, both of which negatively affect investing and purchasing decisions of people.

PLEASE read the GitHub (and join if your inclined) and leave relevant comments and questions below. I will answer all of them to the best of my ability.

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  1. Michael Dexter

    Hey man, very cool project you have conceived here. I really like the idea of backing up the token against real physical recyclable resources and the environmental friendly focus. Really great!

    I think you should try to getting it somehow to the ear of Elon Musk as it sounds like that it could also serve as a multi planetary economic system, new civilizations for instance on Mars :), I think he would love and maybe even support you?

    I wish it best success.
    Where are you from?

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      Thanks Michael !

      I’m trying hard to get it into anyone’s ear that wants to help program or promote it on social media.
      Feel free to bring it to Elon’s attention (or anyone else you have access to).