The Clouds

As is known, clouds are formed by the condensation of water vapor in high layers of the atmosphere. The most important feature that separates the clouds from the mist is the formation of a gap between the cloudy layer and the ground.

The shape of the cloud formed depends on the humidity and temperature of the air in question. The height at which condensation forms, in other words the lower limit of the cloud; determined by air temperature and dew temperature.

The shape of the clouds varies according to the shape of the air stratification and the reasons that force the air mass to rise. Depending on the weather stratification, a wide variety of cloud shapes occur.

Clouds are also divided into varieties according to their daily form.

1 – Heat-generated static cloud type:

There is no air movement in this cloud type. It is the clouds that occur when the atmosphere loses heat, ie cools down. This type of cloud occurs at night when the heat loss is greatest, and generally in a windless environment.

2 – Heat-generated dynamic cloud type:

In the tropical and terrestrial regions, it is caused by the rising of air close to the surface of the soil which is overheated. Such clouds occur in the afternoons. Typical clouds of high parts of terrestrial regions.

Classification of clouds

Because certain types of clouds occur as a result of certain events, the clouds can give a hint about the atmosphere and the events in the atmosphere. In this way, a judgment can be reached about the weather events by observing the clouds. For this, it would be helpful to talk about the classification of clouds and the types of clouds.

The clouds were first classified by British L.Howard in 1804. The main factor in this classification is the horizontal and vertical spread of the clouds. Howard divided the clouds into three groups.

a) Sirus (Fiber clouds)

b) Cumulus (Vertical bud clouds)

c) Stratun (Stratified clouds)

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