No utility (OpenAI 2015) was founded by Elon Musk who intends to study the potential existential risks of Artificial Intelligence with the aim of promoting and developing friendly intelligence in the way humanity can benefit from it. The organization aims to “collaborate freely” with other institutions and researchers.

The international press soon made a drawing to OpenAI’s work of a sect of anachronistic scientists, frightened by a future at the Terminator. While Muschio, more than once, has distanced itself from gender, explaining that at the basis of the no profit there is a fear of over-reliance on technology of the next level, which many call sentient, then end up reducing us to subjects unable to reason. , make decisions, put yourself on one side or the other. Time is real: in the next few years we will no longer drive, we will no longer enjoy, we will think less of affections, engaged in work.

At the moment artificial intelligences need human intervention. An example is the Pepper robot, a small automaton that can walk and interact almost like a child. Pepper has limited autonomy and is unable to answer an entry question from a wireless connected computer. Because in the next few years I do not see the technologies, because there is no way, as far as we know, to let machines and drones roam the world, that are going to crash somewhere.

The problem could be an excessive growth of resources, in terms of useful resources in real weapons. For example, a drone could deliver parcels instead of the delivery guy in a short time, but it could also be hacked by criminals and become a flying bomb, putting many lives at risk. Another example is to create a robot in a factory assembly line so as to create more and more perfect “products” by solving the problem of human error and speeding up the malfunction processes.

photos taken by pixabay

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  1. miti

    Per ogni nuova tecnologia ci sono sempre dei rischi.. il cosiddetto rovescio della medaglia. A un certo punto credo sia opportuno valutare i pro e i contro e se davvero la tecnologia di cui si parla è davvero necessaria per il genere umano.

  2. TRUTH(@i-am)

    I find it funny that people are afraid of AI…. I mean the only logical way they could feel that is if they FEAR other “intelligent” beings, like their neighboring man. Which I suppose there is ample evidence of. However I would take the perspective that those “beings” are more likely stupid than enlightened in any way. No no no, “the thing to fear is” IGNORANCE which is the cause of “FEAR itself” – (Eisenhower or some President)

    I would have less fear of anything with “MORE INTELLIGENCE” and I would have more fear around LESS INTELLIGENT beings whether flesh and blood or digital wiring etc.

    So if we only make a lot of autonomous drone idiot robots,,, I would be more afraid of them destroying the world (as are corporations utilizing them now). JMHO