Are we creating a new asset class for Wall St. to get rich off of ???
NO, we are trying to create a system OUTSIDE the mainstream to:

Why are all these so called “Crypto Gurus” trying to allow Wall St. to get their fingers in the pie of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies?  I mean didn’t anyone read Shitoshi Nakamoto’s paper? Has everyone gone crazy?  It reminds me of the “GRUNGE” era.  A bunch of kids not caring what they wore or if it match or had rips and holes, true non-commercialism,,,,  and then all of a sudden there is Nirvana and other Grunge bands and next your buying expensive close with holes in them a Nordstroms….   WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY?  Sometimes I think everyone is asleep,,, aka Zombies, the living dead.


I mean I-am just thoroughly disappointed in the direction of the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency space.  I just read an article on TRYBE about how no one is using the DEX’s and are still using the Centralized Exchanges, even though many of the exchanges offer the ability to use your own warm wallet instead of a centralized online wallet.  It feels like everyone has lost sight of the goal and are more worried with making profits off of the old systems instead of designing the new systems that will make the old systems obsolete (I love Bucky !!!)  HENCE the design and development of The DAO Family of INDEX’s & FUNDS, that is CRYPTO Exchange Traded Custodial Funds (cETF).



The DAO will feature Funds like:

  • the DAO30 (30 largeCap Robust coins)
  • the DAOFAS (Fiat baked and other Stability coins)
  • the DAOXCP (Cross-Chain and Platforms)
  • the DAOPRI (Privacy coins)
  • the DAOSC (Supply Chain coins)

and many more to come as the blockchain space evolves.

The DAO recognizes that even the experts suck at their predictions on the best stocks for a mutual fund. Many mutual funds under-perform the Market in general.  For these reasons, The DAO family of FUNDS are Investor Directed and does not promote itself as a “Short-Term” Investment Vehicle.  The DAO FUNDS are trying to be a Long-Term holding that a person keeps, for perhaps, several decades.  It should grow and hopefully maintain parity with the better of the Crypto/Blockchain space and allow for diversity among sectors of the Crypto/Blockchain space.


has two levels of Governance.  The Upper Level will have say over what types of “New Index’s & Funds” are released on the platform.  These Governance tokens (DAOG) will be given to EOS Genesis Snapshot Account holders, the Founders, Programmers & for Promotions.  Holders of DAOG will be able to VOTE for New INDEX Funds and to VOTE for and RUN for DAO FOUNDATION Offices.  At current the offices will be President, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Public Relations.  An ongoing budget for both the officers and ongoing network expenses and technical development of the Funds as directed by the Token Holders will be provided for from the 3.5% Load fee during purchase.

Individual Funds (for example: The DAO30) have their own Governance structure, where each token and fraction of a token in the individual fund has a say over which tokens the fund holds and exactly how the fund calculates the desired % level for any individual token.  The current algorithm uses a combination of Market Capitalization and Robustness (the total number of transactions per time).

Because The DAO FUNDS structure is prone to “Mixing” of tokens to achieve money laundering, there is a 5% fee upon redeeming any tokens via The DAO FUNDS instead of Trading it on an Exchange. It is hoped that this fee will be sufficient to quail such activity.  The DAO FUNDS Tokens will be available for purchase and redemption at The DAO website via EOS, DASH & MONERO only.

The DAO is not an “open source” project and plans to be released on the TeLOS sister platform to EOS.  It is currently seeking programmers for the backend and EOSio blockchain integration.  If you are interested in working with this project and will accept DAOG as future payment, please leave a note below or contact:

[email protected]
– please allow some time for a response –


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      1. EOS proxies

        wouldn’t EOS be a more appropriate network in that it is up and running? and has all the backing of all the billions raised in ICO. and let’s face it any organization could duplicate our effort so why be concerned about propriety? Be the original and set standard and guide the narrative. Make it open source!!

  1. Zeus69

    I agree but I think that most people in general are like sheep and follow the “norm” and cant think out of the box, it will take a while to convince otherwise, no insult intended to anyone its human nature.
    Thanks for the post!

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      What I’m gonna find funny is when the Old Wall St. guys come running over to buy DAOG tokens so they can maintain some kind of relevance in the Investment space while their jobs and industry dies. LOL – poetic justice is a bitch.

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      Yes, its kinda doing what the “old world” does (sectors), but from the Crypto side,,,, all these “Wall St. ETFs” make me chuckle,,, I get everyone wants more money involved,,,,, I’m more interested in the “alternative platforms” being created so when the old system dies we all don’t go down with the ship.!!!

      Thanks for your comment and time.

  2. Johndoer

    I’ve always wondered when a crypto based investments platform would get going.(and one that looks respectable) It looks like DAO may be the go getter. Looking forward to future updates! Great article, also. You explain things very well. Thanks.

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      Thank you for you gleaming response to the project. We see a huge opportunity to expand beyond crypto only mutual funds, to derivatives based futures trading on real world goods too (like gold, wheat, concentrated OJ). The landscape is WIDE OPEN while everyone is focusing on the SEC and Wall St. — ROTFLMAO

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      LOL – I certainly hope not,,,, its more a play on the DOW 30 of Wall St.,,,,, after all we are replacing them with a new decentralized system minus their racketeering. Well that is the intent anyways,,, Reputable auditing of code is essential.

      1. SugarFix

        Good luck to you then. Just need a non-KYC non-accredited investor version of Polymath and we are away. You might want to pitch the proposition to The Saturn Network as they seem to have a somewhat similar outlook.

        1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

          That is part of the reason we want to be on Telos (EOS-fork) so that there can be governance oversight for frauds. Thanks for the SatNet info,,,,, I haven’t heard of them,,, I’ll check them out, THANKS !!!

  3. Yanika


    very deep and pretty detailed analysis. I would follow up with that. Interestingly there is scarce info even in the Internet about such a conception.

    For sure must follow up with all your updates!

  4. Atti

    Hi Truth, I gave a maximum rate your post, I like your concept, please notify me if you will have any information about telos and of course this project too, I am really intrested it. Thank you!

  5. Adil Elias

    Beautiful post! Excellent analogy with the grunge. It seems to me that a similar thing is taking place with people who used to identify with some voluntarism or some sort of libertarian even… They did a complete 180 degrees and started rooting for everything they complained about for so many years.

    Probably thinking that they have some kind of Manchurian candidate who’s going to change the system from inside. Ironically, the agenda remains the same only this time they support it instead of questioning it.

    It’s almost like a Red Riding Hood situation when you think of it.

    Anyways, amazing read as usual. There’s always something that makes you think and reflect when you visit @i-am‘s blog.