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Cloudy Halong Bay

Espero – Vietnamese Honda

Yamaha Nuevo We will have a lot of Fun in the Future

The landing Point 

Sung Sot Cave

Walking through Hanoi

Dont expected such an old church











It was raining most of the day and we looked forward because we need to buy a motorbike /scooter for the planned roadtrip.


Searching for Informations about the price and the differen utilitys we saw some nice Places in Hanoi and ride different bikes for test.


We tried Egg-Coffee and it was awesome .
Same with the Hot Pot – You have to try .


We walked down the streets we saw many many different tour guides .
We ask for the price for Halong Bay and we got price differences from around 230k VDong.


Webooked a tour and drove with the bus through the rain until we reached Halong Bay. It took us 4 hours driving, the road conditions were really bad ,and when i saw the rain my mood got a little bit bad 😀


I’m looking for SUN!


But later to that , we arrived now at the famous Halong Bay .
We realized slowly that it is an unbelievebale place but first we saw nothing else than dusty cloudy fog.
We jumped on the Boat that drove us around the Halong Bay
There was one meal on the price include so we all ate first .
We came to a stop and jumped over in some smaller boats . In the small boat it was really impressive to drive through the ”entry” of a Big Cave .
Poorly it ended in a big round stone formation so we headed back to the main boat.
After that we visiting a BigCave and walked around the way.


Now back to the Sun !

 Our plans lead us to Laos but the rainy wheater changed our plans and we decided to go down to HoChiMinh by plane because the temperature to Hanoi was around 14degrees.

December wasnt the right time to visit Hanoi , it was still beatiful but only rain is not what we expected .


Next Stop HoChiMinh


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