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I am a crypto enthusiasts from day one and I have benefited a lot, although i wasnt an investor until recently. The dip didnt change my perspective about cryptocurrency, it affected me in other ways but never stoped me from being a believer and promoter.

The first effect of the dip on me was on writing, I went from being a writer to just a reader, my inspiration to write seemed to have drowned in a deep ocean with the bull, this is someone that used to write freely before coming in contact with cryptocurrency and opportunities to earn from writing. I found it hard to write or be creative because the reward pool of droped and also there were less people that paid attention to posts, most articles ended up with little or no comment, my ink dried up.

I watched a token of mine dip from 600 dollars to 15 dollars, that’s just one of them. I was never moved to tears, It didn’t make me see cryptocurrency as a scam I remained ever grateful because I know that no matter the loss, it was a gain for me since I didn’t put in money to earn most of what I have, although i really worked for them via airdrop, writing, gift, participating in ICO’s from money earned and trading from what I have earned. Recently i invested a big amount of money from my pocket for the first time, it’s months now and it hasn’t amounted to anything but I still have the believe that all hope isn’t lost.

The dip made me to spread my wings and multitask, I engage in about 7 different platforms daily to earn what just 2 platforms would have given me during the bull market. I got healed from the spirit of putting all my eggs in one basket, I learned how to diversify.

I saw some supposed strong voice in the crypto world shake and diminish, I saw people acting up making others feel worst than they should, I saw people trying to hide their scars, I saw people chicken out, I watched a whole lot of drama unfold and I came to realise that in a way, we are equal in this space.

The dip is still on, everyone trying to survive, some people have already found their way around the market and are making good profit, some have their hands crossed waiting for the bull market, everyone in their own space but there is a general question



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  1. James Diegel

    I think you are not alone with many of these thoughts. Personally I think that it is not only the big companies that use the bear for development and improvements in the tech, but some of us investors as well. I’m not condemning the actions of those that wait or HODL so to speak, as I think its better than selling at a loss for those that do not have the ability or want to trade or accumulate more. What baffles me are the people that are just waiting for that moon without at the very least, doing some self improvement in understanding the space. The more people learn – the more stable the next bull should be, and hopefully, the more the space will grow naturally and allow productive discussion and advancements in the next bull to be the market maker as opposed to the over speculative nature we saw just a little over a year ago. Personally I believe crypto is the future, and in order to get to where I think we need to be, education and solidarity in promotion of its solid projects and principles will be just as necessary of a mass movement as anything else 🙂