1. MonkeyCrushR Post author

      No, that is news to me! I knew that was true for accounts people are bidding for but was not aware that was posssible for newly created accounts. Now I can see I simply mis-read the disclaimer on the EOS Account Creator site – and the initial reason my account was not valid was NOT that it did not contain a number, but that I was using CAPITAL letters, which it did not like, LOL. I will edit my post to clarify that. Thanks for the great feedback!

  1. Justin

    I used EOS Lynx mobile app on iOS to create a couple accounts. I like how fast it was (1 minute or so) and that it costs only $1 for creation. I was going to wait until came out with their free account creation tool but for $1 I couldn’t pass up trying out EOS Lynx

  2. Yanika

    Hi @monkeycrushr!

    A must read article for everyone on the path of becoming familiar with EOS. Few weeks ago I have done exactly the same as explained in your article.
    I just now, reading your correspondence with Big Mike, got to know that actually I could have used just letters and not numbers for creating my EOS account name. Good to know about that, everyday on Trybe you learn something new!

    Thank you for sharing it with the community!