How are you today friend trybe have you felt the departure of an idol who always becomes you want to be like him, and you keep trying to do activities that make your confidence like an idol you dreamIn sports maybe soccer is the most popular sport starting from the ideal idol club players until you are willing to spend your time enjoying entertainment and games in this sport, just as I idolize real madrid football clubs

For lovers of the football club, it is truly felt after the world’s best player who played in a real madrid club from Spain named criatiano Ronaldo, a player from Portugal,


The club nicknamed the Whites is still in a position that is threatened at the bottom of the big 4 club, this position can threaten Real Madrid can not play in three champions in 2019-2020 and to win the championship is very heavy because the position of the rival Barcelona is very safe by collecting points far enough with Real Madrid, while the Spanish league is the league most favored by world sports lovers, because there are so many star players who can always display modern football ,


after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo made real Madrid fans, until now the club has not bought a star player who can replace the position of the king of the world Cristiano Ronaldo who left the club in June 2018 to play with the Italian club in Serie A at Juventus club , They cut Cristiano Ronaldo around 100 Million Euros


the advantage of Juventus winning Cristiano Ronaldo immediately visible, starting from the sale of Juventus jersey with the name Criatiano Ronaldo who was immediately bought by fans of the star, This is an example of Juventus’ advantage, and the loss of Real Madrid the Star goes

  • First defeat at UEFA Supercup
  • Decrease in official sales and attributes
  • the decline of the Spanish league audience
  • declining ticket sales

This is part of Real Madrid’s loss that has been seen since Cristiano Ronaldo left

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