To me, the EOS blockchain represents an opportunity of a lifetime like the established blockchains did back before spring of 2018. I believe the established blockchains still present a good opportunity but, let’s face it, early adoption is over for them. In my opinion, EOS will become as important to the crypto community as Bitcoin and ethereum and Steemit, to mention a few. Ethereum was the most popular blockchain developers ran to for blockchain based projects until just recently. EOS chose ethereum to deploy its ICO smart contract which, to me, is ironic since they are now going head to head for market share. It is only proper I use ethereum as a comparison to make my point about the situation we may find ourselves in and maybe you will see what I see.

Some of us watched and some of us acted as coin after coin was created on the ethereum blockchain. Some turned out to be important and useful while others only leached off of the FOMO this new technology created. Getting in Bitcoin, ETH, etc, early on has made lots of smart and lucky people a very comfortable passive income. It also allowed developers to produce some great products the market demands. Maybe we won’t allow this opportunity slip by. After reading this article and doing your own research, judge for yourself how much you are in on EOS.

I have my own favorite projects in the EOS community like boid and Trybe but my list is short only because I haven’t spent much time researching the others. There are many more projects going on so let’s touch a little on some of the most visible ones, keeping in mind the similarity to the development of early projects on the ethereum blockchain and the growth seen there. You have to admit, early adopters of ethereum and its successful projects are what my grandmother called, ‘sitting pretty’. Maybe we should take heed and action so we won’t regret it!

The most visible projects so far for me have been the ones doing airdrops to EOS genesis account holders. I was insightful enough to buy some EOS in the Summer of 2017 when the ICO was a couple of months old and I properly registered my ethereum account that held my EOS so I have one of those genesis accounts. I had a Bitfinex exchange account where I got my EOS before they blacklisted US residents in response to our overreaching government, but that discussion is for another day so I digress. Back to discussing economic freedom!

Above is my genesis account using eosflare’s explorer and, as you can see, I have many tokens that were airdropped to me. I have not deposited anything into my account as of yet but others have. Each of these different tokens represent a unique project launching on the EOS blockchain. Let’s start at the top and briefly discuss each:

ADD– Contract name eosadddddddd. This seems to be a block producer token meant to fuel the infrastructure built by EOS ADD. EOS ADD is a candidate EOS supernode built to ensure the ecological security of EOS. I found, in Reddit, that this node was ‘jointly built by the core technical team that started in the EOS main network and the EOS special data backup fund. The aim is to improve the EOS security system, check security vulnerabilities, perform data backup in a timely manner, and provide effective data references. Establishing the trust of users and EOS ecosystem makes EOS the safest digital currency reserve’. It is affiliated with EOS Foundation UK. The white paper is in Chinese, I believe, or maybe Korean, so I haven’t been able to read it at this time.

ADT– Contract name eosatidiumio. Atidium is ‘a payment & budget management decentralized application for individuals and businesses operating on the EOS blockchain. Pay with tokens around the world with their app and debit card in the traditional way. Take control of payments and manage you budget with an artificial intelligence engine that helps mange budget wisely and easily.’

eosBLACK– Contract name eosblackteam. ‘eosBLACK is a revolutionary ecosystem that building decentralized technologies to change the Blockchain ecosystem. eosBLACK is a EOSIO Multiverse, which is an ideal platform to further improve EOSIO so that the values generated based on their token deposits and activity rankings within the Blockchain can be distributed fairly.’

boid (recommended)- Contract name boidcomtoken. ‘Boid is a social blockchain meta-platform. We make it easy and fun for anyone to participate in multiple blockchains and distributed computing projects. Make an impact by contributing your spare computing resource towards important scientific research project. Mine for cryptocurrencies and delegate a percentage of your earnings towards important non-profits. Compete in global leaderboards in epic competitions for cool prizes.’

CET– Contract name eosiochaince. ‘Chaince is a trading platform of blockchain assets focusing on projects around EOS. Under the premise of ensuring the security of users’ assets, Chaince is committed to providing global users with excellent product experience, high-quality listed projects and transparent trading services of quality blockchain assets.’

CETOS- No contract name but account name gyztomjugage airdropped the tokens. ‘Main idea is to have an IOTA running on EOS architecture.’ Kinda weird and the project is on hold, according to There’s one in every bunch!

CHL– Contract name challengedac. ‘A dapp that aims to reward physical workouts by offering tokens to those that meet challenges and fitness goals. A user can post a challenge and set a reward in Bitcoin, other crypto, or even a gift card and the challenged can conquer and earn reward.’

EDNA– Contract name ednazztokens. ‘Here to solve centralized control of human DNA (both the identification aspects and the modification aspects). More info about modification (CRISPR) on their website and in the whitepaper there.’

EOSdac– Contract name eosdactokens. ‘A Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) governed by it’s constitution, which is encoded in smart contracts on the blockchain. The DAC is controlled by it’s token holders and the board members they vote to run it’s operations. 75% of eosDAC tokens (900,000,000) have been allocated for an airdrop to EOS token holders.’

HORUS– Contract name horustokenio. ‘A decentralized Global Payroll Portal that allows companies to exchange private encrypted data with international payroll vendors using Blockchain technology.’

IQ– Contract name everipediaiq. Used in Everpedia. ‘Everipedia is the next generation encyclopedia rebuilt for the modern age. With over 6 million articles and counting, it’s already the world’s largest English encyclopedia by content. Everipedia is free from ads and free to use for everyone under creative commons.’

POOR– Contract name poormantoken. ‘The intent of the Poorman Token is to allow the community to Airgrab their tokens. More specifically, the community can opt-in or sign-up for the token using their own RAM (approximately 128 bytes), which enables the token provider to significantly reduce their airdrop costs (several megabytes).’

TRYBE (recommended)- Contract name trybenetwork. ‘Educational content about crypto in the form of advice, training videos, short courses and articles submitted by contributors who get paid in dollars and in platform tokens. Share your knowledge, get paid for your content, build a great reputation and earn tokens.’

WeCash– Contract name weosservices. Run on the WeosApp. ‘The WeCash token was created out of a desire to decentralize money. Centralized control over money has led to many world problems, which are too many to list here. WeCash is money by the people and for the people. No central authority controls WeCash. No one can inflate its supply. The owners of the money, which are the token holders, or what we commonly refer to as “the Community”, make the decisions.’

WIZZ– Contract name wizznetwork1. ‘EOS has launched, and now its time to give the community what they want, and need. WIZZ.NETWORK is building a EOS ecosystem inside there (their typo) network. A MUST HAVE!’

Make sure to do your research and participate in these projects. Don’t let this early adoption opportunity pass you by. Sure, I am emanating some FOMO here, but there’s a very good probability that the EOS token price will rise to the level of ETH’s (now about $218.00) in the next year or two simply because it is a very similar project. Even though they are completely different architectures, they both use smart contracts and token creation and dApp deployment and ease of development. They are in competition for market share not only in the trading market but also in the dApp development and blockchain integration market. Right this moment there are many projects deciding whether to deploy on ethereum or EOS. The market will decide which is the best product, but, in the meantime, let’s take advantage of the competition and choose wisely!

Donny Letson
Procryptix, LLC

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