Today we are glad to introduce you the first American Roulette on EOS blockchain —!

💃 American Roulette

The first American Roulette is made fully trustless on the fastest and feeless EOS blockchain!

Now you can play in the most popular casino game and be sure that no one will cheat you! All the winning numbers are encrypted on the blockchain and mixed with players seed.

Like in a real roulette you can play in a company of other players — up to six players at one roulette table!

And just look at this beautiful lady over the table! Enjoy playing the game with our brilliant dealer!

🎲 Dice

We also decided to launch on our platform well-known Dice game! Now you can play Dice and Roulette on one site —

In the nearest future we will add more games! Stay tuned.


💰 Jackpot

Every 10% of the house edge will be sent to the Jackpot Prize pool. Jackpot prizes will be ruffled among active players — 5 per each Jackpot.

We have not one but Three Jackpots: Hourly, Daily and Weekly.

To try your luck in these Jackpots you only need to play games on EOS:

  • 100 EOS in total bets per hour will give you chance to win Hourly Jackpot
  • 1100 EOS per day will include you Daily pool
  • 11100 EOS per week will make you a superstar and you will join the Superprize competition on Weekly Jackpot!

💰 BINGO tokens

For our game platform we have issued special payout tokens — BINGO tokens!

50% of the House edge will be distributed for BINGO token stakers.

Do not lose a chance to get free BINGO tokens when playing our games!

💰 Referral program

And the last but not the least is our referral program. Share your personal referral link to invite friends and you will get 10% of the house edge on all their wagers!

Do not forget to subscribe on our socials not to miss free BINGO tokens announcements, increased BINGO rates and new features!


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