For me, the best thing about visiting a new place is getting to know its cuisine. Yes, the history is interesting, and the unfamiliar language is fun, but … when’s lunch time?! I took home a lot of memories from SteemFest conference (the reason why I visited Krakow), but some of the best were from the street food stands and little family-run restaurants of Krakow.

The craziest thing I ate was Zapiekanka, also referred to as “Polish Pizza”. I liked it so much, I ate it twice! I initially made the mistake of referring to these as “Hot Dogs”, due to their bread form, but they’re more like sandwiches, with tons of toppings to choose from: meat, cheese, peppers, onions, sauces. Basically, if you can think of it, it’s available as a topping. Zapiekanka is great after a night out of drinking, and the highest density of stands is at the New Square, inside a beautiful round building.

Another highlight was the Pierogi, which is probably the most famous Polish dish. These dumplings are traditionally filled with potato or duck, but there are many variations. They can even be eaten as a dessert, filled with strawberries or blueberries, and topped with cream. The best pierogi I had was with fellow Steemian @hallmann , shortly before I returned to Valencia… firm, cheese-filled delights, which I’m still dreaming about.

And then there was a dish I would never have been able to imagine: potato pancakes with goulash. We have potato pancakes in Germany, but these are usually sweet, topped with apple sauce. So the idea of topping them with goulash made my stomach turn. But then I tried them, and now I’m a believer.

Let’s finish this culinary excursion to Krakow with something sweet. In the New Square, where all the Zapiekanka stands are, you’ll also find one making Langos. This is similar to funnel cake, but here they throw the dough into hot oil and deep fry it. We ordered two: one covered with powdered sugar and the other with a layer of Nutella.

After returning home, I continued researching Polish food, and discovered so many other great dishes which I didn’t have the chance to try. Just another reason to go back!

Sloppy Krakow Leftovers


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