First I’d like to say that I am not an avid gamer….per se; however, I am a long time EOS hodler and was recently introduce to this game by my teenage son-who has been playing it since its launch. A little about the platform. You first will need an EOS account, and of course as in most things EOS you want to have Scatter desktop (on your PC/Mac) enabled. For EOS Knights mobile you may need to download the app to start. I wont get into all the basics for introducing those apps because most of us in the EOS community already are familiar with them.

So Why did I get Hooked on EOS knights?

For me and many others it’s just a cool freaking game. An added bonus, a major one at that is you can earn real EOS playing it. It’s truly addictive…in a good way that is, and to be honest its helped me bond more with my son, being part of something he really enjoys. As a side note, he’s making passive income (30-40 EOS per month) by clicking (rebirthing) twice day since the game runs in the background all on its own-so its a no brainer for him.

How does the game actually work?

It’s pretty easy to start playing and earning real EOS. Go to and scroll down and choose any of the three login options. Once you start you will need to buy a warrior to fight for you. Your options are 1) Knight 2) Archer 3) Mage. For best results get all three and outfit them with the required weapons and armor.


You need to have a certain amount of EOS staked in to play the game. For beginners, I suggest 15-25 EOS staked for CPU, about .5-1 EOS for NET, and about 5 EOS to unstaked – to make your game knight and armor/weapons/accessories purchases. In total for a good game play  experience you want to start off with at least 20-25 EOS.


Each knight will need a weapon which gives them their “Attack” and other attributes. The higher the attack the more Goblin kills you can inflict. For every 10 kills your knight moves up one (1) floor. So with three knights fighting you can move up 3x faster. The higher the floor and more kills you can achieve and the better materials you will obtain after you rebirth. You can rebirth (Restart the battle) when your knight dies-or earlier if you choose to. Do the research and ensure you equip the knight with the appropriate weapon, for their level, or they wont be able to use it, i.e., if your knight is level 8 then make or buy weapons for level 8 or lower. It does cost you some real EOS to either buy the armor or the materials needed to make your own. So budget appropriately.


The better the armor the longer the knights lasts in battle before dying. There are a lot of armor choices to choose from, so again you need to spend some EOS in order to buy the armor or the materials to make them. Armor is a great investment because it can provide your knight both defense against attack, and health (HP). The higher the defense the longer he can attack, and the more HP you have they longer the fight lasts in the game. Lasting longer matters because it’s essential to attain the higher floors because thats where the “best materials’ are located.


Rings and amulets are worn by the knights and provide additional attributes such as more attack, defense, HP and luck. In Part 2 of this report I will break it down for working a strategy to maximize your game play to get the maximum benefits and earn the best rewards. Pets are also a important way to gain additional game attributes but the only way to get them is by Magic Water (MW)


This is how the game developers get paid for working on and expanding the game play for the EOS community. In order to upgrade or level up your weapons, armor, rings/amulets, and pets you have to have MW. You do earn MW but at a much smaller rate, and the higher you go the more MW you need to upgrade. The required MW consumption rate is much at the higher levels so be prepared to buy it or wait a long time to earn it. For example to upgrade a Level 11 item  you will need about 2,000 MW for level 2, 4,000 MW for level 3, 8,000 MW for level 4, and about 20,000 MW for level 5)-which costs about 3 EOS.  Its totally worth to upgrade to level 5 as you get farther in the game, better yet, over a short time you will be obtaining materials worth far more than 3 EOS. The game also receives a tax/fee on all materials and items that is sold in the marketplace, which amounts to about .0005 EOS.


In EOS Knights all the materials and items for earned and sold by the EOS players in the marketplace. So it is the community EOS players that truly sets and make the prices for everything that is sold.  At times items are more valuable when they are scare and at times the items are cheaper as more is put on the open market. This is true for both item and material which drives a true market economy.


So here are the list of top 3 earners for EOS knights by the number of sales items, and the total revenue earned, as of Nov 10, 2018.

  1. zeniexwallet total sales is worth 795 EOS, valued at approximately $4,293 USD
  2. eosdyfmaster total sales is worth 771 EOS, valued at approximately $4,163 USD
  3. kiminu555555 total sales is worth 565 EOS, valued at approximately $3,051 USD.

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