“You are not a true hero if you do not climb the Great Wall”

The Great Wall of China: one of the most amazing buildings of man. Surely one of the largest or perhaps the largest of all, it seems, see also from the moon.

Located in northern China, this very long wall crosses several Chinese provinces and travels kilometers of forests, deserts and plains, masterfully following the orography of the terrain, and this is also considered the largest civil engineering work.

If you look for information on its actual length you will find many numbers but, its official length and that which was measured recently, with rigorous methodologies, and that led to detect well 21196.18 kilometers of wall.

Built from the seventh century onwards Christ (then more than 2300 years ago) this great wall is a majestic defense work that the different kingdoms, in which China was then composed, built to defend their territories but also to protect the strategy and very important Silk Road. There have been millions of people who, in many years, have worked for its realization,

Substantially the great wall is a large wall with defensive purpose, built with different techniques and walkable at the top and there are several access points but also towers and bastions of sighting distributed along its path. The ability to climb and overcome steep slopes is really extraordinary and indicates the great technical ability really used by its builders to make this great structure.

Today, despite the impressive restoration works, unfortunately 2,000 Kilometers of the Great Wall have been lost.

But its charm is unchanged and today the great wall is one of the most visited cultural sites in the world. It is above all the stretches built during the Ming dynasty to be the most visited as they are open to tourist use.

Also curious are the many legends that were born around this construction and that speak of broken love and poignant encounters.

Even the significance that the great Wall has taken over time has changed. If before it was a symbol par excellence of the defense of a people or the tyranny of a sovereign in more recent times it has become a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the landscapes crossed.

The Great Wall of China has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Photos source Pixabay site

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  1. Ilia

    The great Wall is really a magnificent building! And I have a memorable photo with the inscription that became the epigraph of your article “ ” you are not a real hero, if you do not climb the Great wall” ! Thanks for the good article @Mina