Happy new month ,and happy Xmas to all my friends.

My God,your God.

my God is sufficient to me,is yours sufficient?

God lead me through all my difficult times of sorrow, trouble, pains, problem etc.

He protect me right from the beginning of the year 2018 from January now December.

My God provides for me time without number. Without he complaining, he is the ancient of days,the beginning and the end,he is ocean divider,the salt of the earth,the Hidden Mana, he is the sustainer of man kind,he is the sole spiritual head of the universe. My God said to be the father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless, husband to the widows, wife to the widowers etc, he is the promise comfort. What a powerful God I have.

thank you lord for your love toward my family and friends. Many didn’t see these last month of the year 2018.not that I am the most righteous or most holy. but through the love of my God am alive today.

Once again happy new month and happy Xmas.

As we make our money,we should also remember to give God thanks, no matter your faith and believe, your God ,my God deserve thank an worship.

My God, the God of heavens and the earth receive my thanks giving, for I not even Worthy ,to call you nor stand before you.

I ask an plead for your Marcie’s and forgiveness, guide me,guide my family members, my friends out they. That we all shall see New year. an also the end of time.


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