If you still dont know what to do with your life, but know that you want to pursue a promising area with some of the professions of the future, check out this survey by Ben Pring, futurologist at Cognizant.

According to the study, it is possible to know the jobs that will stand out in the next five and 10 years. They cover many areas, markets and technologies, but all are involved in three themes:

Coaching: helping people to improve their financial management and even their weights.

Caution: improving people’s health and quality of life.

Connection: working the man and machine relationship, physical and virtual, commerce and ethics.

These three “C’s” are linked to a universal truth that no matter how technological our age becomes, we want human contact.

Are you ready to find out what are the professions of the future  are and what jobs they might pump in the next few years?

Here we go:

Data Analyst – The idea here is to generate meaningful business responses and recommendations from data research. The candidate for a vacancy like this should fetch the data and pursue what they are saying. In addition, he must be curious, resilient, diplomatic and super persistent.

Internal Systems Developer – The ideal candidate for this position creates flexibility for users with the use of applications and infrastructure developed within the enterprise or in cloud environments.

Project Manager – This position will investigate, monitor, negotiate and make agreements on the provision of products and services to ensure alignment in contracts with the ethical issue of a strategic audience.

Business Development Manager AI – The goal here is to be at the forefront of advancements in computer science and business advantages. The work will be close to areas of sales, marketing and the team of partners. The market in the coming years will take great strides with the evolution of artificial intelligence and these experts will be emerging in the market.

Master of Edge Computing – Do you know what Edge Computing is? It is a model that decentralizes the storage and / or processing of data. Thus, everything happens closer to where the data is generated or used.

Operations and Logistics Manager – Investments in highways, ports, airports pull the demand for logistics professionals.

Today, logistics rely heavily on a port and highway, but with more investment in infrastructure, complexity increases. Therefore, the tendency is for the area of ​​operations and logistics to gain prominence and open up new opportunities in the industry.

Fitness Commitment Counselor – What do you think about having someone at your side that motivates you to exercise, improve your nutrition, and adopt a healthier lifestyle? Yeah. In the future, this professional will be much requested.

Setting up and fitting in a proper workout and diet within our busy working week is getting harder and harder. These professionals will certainly succeed, and  with the support of technology, their services are becoming increasingly “scalable”.

Assisted Healthcare Technician AI – Have you ever thought of someone responsible for building a more efficient hospital system that cares about patients and is even more accurate using technology? So this may be possible in the future with this function of examining, diagnosing, administering and prescribing treatments for patients with the aid of artificial intelligence and physicians who are remotely accessible.

Genomic Portfolio Director – This professional will need a fair business experience. He will create and execute a strategy to increase the portfolio of products that involve the science of life.

Man-Machine Teaming Manager – The collaboration between man and machine will be a reality. This occupation will identify tasks, processes, systems and experiences that can be improved with technology.

E-Commerce Specialist – E-commerce is already a trivial business model in people’s lives. However, with so many virtual stores competing on the internet, you will need to stand out more and more to attract customers.

Big Data’s Professionals – Companies are increasingly full of data and cross-information internal and external from various sources. Data analysis is required for extraction of materials that will serve to understand consumer tastes and trends and market reactions.

Quantum Machine Learning Analyst – The area of ​​machine learning, especially with integration with the quantum aspect, is also a part of computer science that will gain prominence. Your work will enhance the speed and performance of learning algorithms and real world business problems as quickly as possible.

And now which professions will disappear?

According to the futurologist forecasts, 10% of today’s jobs will be replaced by software in the next 10 or 15 years. On the other hand, technology can also create new professions.

The specialist alerts workers who are at increased risk of disappearing. Those who follow a strict routine, such as the work of a banker, are in the limelight.

It can be replaced by a software and perform this function in a faster way.

A journalist, for example, would still have a guaranteed job, after all, creativity and the ability to write are difficult to mechanize (yet).

You can check out the full survey of future jobs as well, if you prefer.

Have any of these areas attracted your attention? Are you prepared to work in a future profession?

Source; https://www.cognizant.com/whitepapers/21-jobs-of-the-future-a-guide-to-getting-and-staying-employed-over-the-next-10-years-codex3049.pdf

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  1. Cryptoslice

    No one is looking out side the office any more. Trades are also future proof, well some are anyway. Im a mechanical fitter (i think in the usa they call it a millwright) and i can tell you its in high demand world wide and very high demand in australia. It offers great travel opportunitys im working in melboure right now i live in perth. No one is doing trades any more and the demand is going up and if you get good at it you can contract yourself out for a high rate . this is what im doing now. It takes 4 years of study but you get paid to study no student loans. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. UnitedCrypto

    Great post @nivio. It’s going to be a very interesting next decade. I feel many jobs will be replaced by technology, but we will also see many other new jobs open up in tech. We’re seeing some people actually start to make a decent side income on platforms like this and Steemit. One thing is for certain…”the times, they are a changing”.

  3. Zeus69

    Thank you Nivio – Strange things I used to work a municipality called CCC – Cape City Council, LOL
    Jokes aside, yup I am in agreement with your sentiment around jobs of the future, well in my environment it has already started, with data analysts, data scientists, and big data analysts, I work in the GIS profession.
    Great read thanks,
    Mark (Zeus69)