If you don`t live on the very edge of the universe you may have heard of the infamous Galactical President Zaphod Beeblebrox and his incredible Infinite Improbability Drive which not only powers Galactical spaceships but is also the fundamental underlying engine of our beloved EOS.

Recently scientists went to believe that the discovery of “The Blockchain” might possibly provide the ultimate solution to solve the infamous “42 puzzle” by extensively utilizing the EOS-Mainnet and with that finally being able to build the long sought after Galactic supercomputer “Deep Thought2”. But at the same time many others went to believe that it makes more sense to solve the puzzle by simply rolling some dice. Needless to say that the Galactical President prefers to throw a dice from  time to time over building an overly complicated galactic supercomputer. Also he is having a lot of fun and also believes that way, one day, the “42 puzzle” will get solved by itself after randomly rolling a dice.

So, please don’t panic or FOMO! Have Fun! Grab your towel and roll!

One has to simply press `Roll Dice` like a berserk addicted monkey. Every-time the roll gets below the number of the adjustable number slider it’s a win, else it`s a loose. Myself (Michael_Dexter) and a friendly community of fun-loving players who are already having a blast while rolling the dice will gladly answer any arising questions you may have on this channel: https://t.me/eosbetcasino


*** Word of warning: This game is very simple but may become addictive. Please, always use your own judgement and don’t put more on stake than you are willing to loose. This articles is not meant to give any investing advice but for entertaining purpose only.

*** one of the links above is connected to a referral-bonus which is not necessary for playing the game but it will give everyone who uses it forever a .5% bonus on any of his/her dice roll. Also there is another bonus awaiting in form of a token that will pay out dividends based on the winnings of the house. You can find out more in the telegram group

*** In order to play you need some EOS on an EOS-account. You also need your EOS-account setup in Scatter (a secure Blockchain Signature provider). https://get-scatter.com/

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