A Revolutionary new DApp Idea by Soul.Logix, for a evolutionary new Infrastructure!

The Helios Protocol

Connect to a Multiverse

Imagine that all blockchains are individual universes. At the moment, these universes are mostly incapable or inefficient of interoperability due to “language” barriers. How great would it be to have one DApp to connect you to many different blockchains to use what they have to offer and pay with whatever currency you so chose? Whether using fiat or crypto, this gives everyone access to a multiverse of goods and services in one decentralized HUB…One dApp to use them all.

The HUB (Helios Ubiquitous Bazaar)

is an omnipresent marketplace powered by the Helios protocol, completely inter-operable, with cross chain transactions. Utilizing a connection to every other platform, users have the ability to access different DApps, or Apps, and use any form of cryptocurrency, or fiat, for payment. By using the HUB token to pay for cheap transactions, the HUB’s automated cross chain DEX will perform an atomic swap at the time of transaction given the market value of the traded pair. This will eliminate the need to exchange any form of currency before purchasing goods or services in the market.

The use of the HUB token will also be used to gain access to advanced trading tools and signals, automated trading bots, interactive charts to help identify patterns, while trading. Very adept wallets and portfolios that include a record of ANY forms of assets and/or investments. (Yes, even stock market and personal savings!) will be available as well.

The user (friendly) interface (UI) for the dashboard is easily customizable to fit any personality. The dashboard (being the metaphorical spaceship) is the vehicle the user will deploy into the “multiverse marketplace” of DApp’s within the HUB. It also displays all useful information tailored to the users needs, including an integrated personal organizer/calendar to alert users of upcoming utility bills due, subscription due dates, etc.

The HUB will give the user access to anything on the web through its own Decentralized browser, allowing use of traditional Apps on centralized platforms all while benefiting from the security the HUB and Helios will provide. Think of the HUB as a Decentralized google play store. Only, your not downloading the DApps and Apps to your device, they simply get added to your dashboard after purchase and whatever registration is required for you to use their content.

The HUB will keep all your private information by storing it on the browser and not on any websites, similar to Trust or MetaMask. You will have a two factor authentication (2FA) any time you make a transaction. The only time you would need a password is to gain access to the HUB. This eliminates the need to log into SO many different interfaces and have to keep up with SO many usernames and passwords.(Wouldn’t that be AMAZING!?)

Now, I understand the magnitude of a DApp this size and the intense technical details it would take to develop. I am not a developer, and can’t even begin to explain how to build the HUB. However, the more I dig into this project, the more I am confident a DApp like the HUB can be brought to life and change the way we crypto.

The Helios Protocol

The Helios protocol’s branding is built around the idea of the sun and the universe. Helios, is the name of the titan that pulled the sun across the sky in Greek mythology. The sun is the giver of life and Helios is the titan that carries it. In relation, this protocol is aiming to be the soul source of decentralization for the globe. This project is a titan that was built to carry the load and considering the reach of the Heliosphere, there’s no reason it cannot touch the lives of every individual on the planet.


By using a unique combination of Proof Of Stake (PoS) and( magnetism pg 4, F see link for more information), a natural law of physics, Helios has created a uniquely powerful, green, and very secure consensus mechanism. Helios takes a unique approach of studying nature to replicate a consensus mechanism that is been proven through millions of years, constantly fine tuning, and evolving into a immutable balance, through the natural law of magnetism.

This architecture gives Helios freedom from mining, since every wallet is its own blockchain. Each wallet will then be one of three nodes based on the number of transactions (how much its functioning on the network), copy of the blockchain available, and/or balance of HLS; ( See links for more information on Micronode pg 2, 12, Fullnode, pg 2,10, Masternode pg 2, 11.)

By using every Helios wallet to in a cash -based monetary system allows the network to not be bottle-necked and use huge amounts of energy to validate transactions. Therefore, lower power consumption translates to lower fees. This indirectly achieves very little latency causing little to no congestion on the network. In addition to parallel processing, it makes it possible for each transaction to complete immediately.

With each wallet being its own blockchain and node, the more wallets, means the more nodes to support the Helios directed acyclic graph (DAG) network. This is what makes infinite speed and scalability achievable. Considering the amount of traffic a regular market produces, imagine the amount of traffic a Multiverse worth of connectivity would bring! The HUB is inherently evolving and able to consistently adapt to the future. Wouldn’t a more natural, proven method of consensus, such as magnetism, both help Helios proficiently conduct and maintain a constant state of evolution?

Are you willing to Pay the price for not playing nice?

A unique and clever security feature worth mentioning is protection through Slashing, this offers an incentive for the users to obey the rules and not to manipulate the blocks on their own wallet. Also helping with immutability, keeping the blocks legit. It would be impossible for anyone to manipulate and/or corrupt another wallet considering there is only wallet to wallet or Peer to Peer (P2P) transactions, and any transaction or block that has been altered in any way is found quickly. When found a slashing penalty will be enacted in the form of slashing of funds equal to the value of the altered transaction. ( see link for more information on Slashing Pg. 7, H)from the offending wallet.

Another exciting capability of Helios is that it’s backwards compatible with Ethereum. In other words, by use of solidity as a smart contract language, it allows existing Ethereum based DApps to seamlessly migrate over to the Helios protocol. (Enough said right!?) With 20% of HLS being dedicated to DApp development, it will surely attract existing Ethereum developers alike. Once these prospective Developers unearth the potential in this titan, they will gladly join such an amazing community.


The Helios protocol is completely self-funded. Meaning, they are not asking for any money and are giving the majority of there tokens away via airdrops and bounties. They have also allocated 20%, equivalent to 70 million, tokens to a DApp Incubator program that funds projects being developed on the Helios protocol.

There no-ICO approach is quite the opposite of what we have seen here lately with ICO’s, in general.. We have become very accustomed to funding a whole project without a working model to even sample. The fact that Helios is choosing to be different in this way, left me eager to learn more about what this team is developing. The more I learned, the more confidence I gained in Helios. It will be the titan to carry a DApp, that has this level of expectation, to the heavens on a flaming Chariot, allowing it to bring forth growth and adoption to our cryptosphere.


Helios Protocol has the right combination of size, speed, and strength to make the HUB a reality. The team invisions Helios to be the single source of decentralized blockchain for everyone on earth. That is the goal! A DApp like the HUB can help implement mass adoption and provide ease of use to the cryptosphere. This is surely an infrastructure that looks to have solved the security, speed, and scalability as well as the solution to the power consumption dilemma.

I am thankful to be apart of a new community that loves and believes in the decentralization of the world. I thoroughly believe in this project, and in the vision of this team. As an early adopter and supporter. I hope you have learned a little about how Helios is capable of really making a difference in our cryptoverse, by giving life to a DApp like this.

Helios protocol Official Links:

(Website) https://heliosprotocol.io/

(White paper) https://heliosprotocol.io/files/HeliosTechnicalWhitepaperV0.1.pdf

(Twitter) https://twitter.com/HeliosPlatform

(Discord) https://discord.gg/M6GH37P

(Telegram) https://t.me/joinchat/GSuKeBGme_EoTjHCiGmupQ

(Telegram announcements) https://t.me/heliosprotocol

(Github) https://github.com/Helios-Protocol

(Email) [email protected]


Helios Protocol

An infinitely scalable cryptocurrency and smart contract platform based on fully parallelized concurrent blockchains…



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