Most of you will already know that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now the next technological advance that the human race is heading to, but I often wonder if it will also be the last invention human kind will create. Since I saw the video of Sophie, the first humanoid who was given a citizenship in Saudi Arabia, (Pictured above.) I have been doing the research to get some kind of idea where AI could end up and how it will effect the way of life for people who have already opted out of the system. I am certainly not an expert in this field but I am definitely to be effect by it in the future as there is no escaping it and once it begins fully, it cant really be stopped. All the research is from my own accord – I really do you encourage you to go and do your own research on this matter but will share with you my opinions.

In the ‘Normal’ 9-5 lifestyle, (of which I’ve not really been involved with since many years), I can see that AI is actually not really needed but in the nature of new age humans but convenience is a luxury, and that fact alone that the lifestyle most are living is so stressful that it we need conveniences, is just really sad in the first place. We are using AI everyday which is in the apps we are using on our smartphones, and we have knowledge at our finger tips to any information we want to know, but still we persist in the idea of hyper linking our brains (as one example) to the internet via a microchip brain implant, so we can access information and know it instantaneously.

The future of AI could be good, but I don’t see how in the unseen future when we are all dead, it will still be good. What I mean is, it has started of as a simple AI which means it is only capable of handling one task at any one time, but these are just the steps towards something that will be uncontrollable and unstoppable as it get more intelligent the more its up and running.



Machine learning – Teaching a Machine how to think like a Human.


It still boggles me that a computer can take two pieces of information and to use them to get an understanding of something and even then group appropriate pieces of data accordingly. What boggles my mind even more is that it literally comes alive just like a neuron in the brain of a human, a network which can process information and can then describe what it is reading. It can be trained by rewarding it and so it can learn like a child does, by doing good and doing bad. If it does good then it gets rewarded and if it does something bad, then it gets told off and no reward is given which makes it learn to do what the human order it was given. The AI isn’t actually intensely programmed so much, but instead it is designed to make predictions from previous imputed data and can then upgrade and learn how to do it right itself, just from reading lots of new data input. AI feeds on data and more data means a better and faster AI and this is quite the worry as to ‘who collected the most data’ will have the best AI-

Because the more data, the clever the AI will become.

Surprisingly 90% of all data that has only been collected from the last three years, and that means the biggest company’s like Google and Facebook who have collected data from peoples searches, email’s and those cameras that have been in your face every time you’ve used your phone. With tons of data stored to feed to an AI machine (for example like how you think due to the things you search for) and your facial reactions to ads etc. This is meaning that F&G will have the most data and thus the most powerful existing AI because we gave them all our data – and did you notice newer phones have Two Cameras pointing in your face now? I am certainly sure if you had the data from all the smartphones cameras on peoples facial expressions, this would be fed into an AI to help it learn to become more human. What happened to all those selfies huh?!


There are 3 types of machine learning that exist to date:

  • Supervised Learning.
  • Unsupervised Learning.
  • Reinforced Learning.

The Firstly, Supervised Learning is when it has a data-set which acts like a teacher until it has enough experience from being fed data and being given one order.

After that an Un-Supervised learning data-set can be applied, and again the computer will start learning from the data it has been fed previously. It finds and recognizes patterns and structures and can start to separate information into separate clusters. It doesn’t know at this point, any kind of labels but it can already group thing into separate groups.

Reinforced Learning is like how we humans learn in life – by trial and error. It get rewards when it does something correct and so can learn-from-doing to predict an outcome and once it is trained, it can the be ready to predict the next data input before it has already received it.

An Autonomous World.

We really cannot comprehend at the moment of how AI will be used. If I’m not mistaken, in Japan already there is an area that have been built with a two layer traffic system. I believe I read a while ago that there is a 10km square area that has an underground road network for self driving cars and on ground level it is for normal cars, pedestrians and pets ect – which is definitely the safest way to incorporate self driven cars into society whilst minimizing the risks of accidents occurring. Smart tunnels already exist and even Elon Musk has his own proposal for a tunnel network for self driven electric cars a year ago already in 2017. I believe that the future will have underground roads and tunnels for self driving cars, because this is the only safe way for it to be done and then when we realize that a self driving car is then no different to a self driving bus, then we will stop using the cars and have self driving passenger pods to replace public transport as it is now.

We think of self driving cars as modern technology, even though someone made one in the mid 80’s. We are now 30years later on, so imagine how advanced it has all become – and we are still thinking that self driving cars will be the main thing that AI will change in our everyday lives. What we are not yet aware of is the other changes it will make to society. Can you imagine a cashless society, with a  micro-chipped population so payments for items in shops are automatic as soon as you put it in your pocket or bag. Thieving would be non existent, cameras would not only be cameras like we have today, but they will be able to read your bio-metrics which gives various indications of someones intentions and what they will do next.

Cameras will be able to hear and even smell and also see the pheromones that a human is releasing which can tell even the mood of the human in the shop, so it could even tell if you were about to try and rob something or commit a crime of some sort and call the police or whatever it will be by this future time – and with all this data being fed into an AI to keep making it become more intelligent.

The next big thing we already know about AI is how it will effect our jobs. Again, obvious ones like taxi drivers and lorry drivers and any other job that involves driving a vehicle will be taken by machines, but just like the shop with no staff or even security needed anymore, fast food places and possibly restaurants will also be “staff-less”.

“Flippy” A Fastfood Machine

We see since many years “self scanning checkouts” – and they are called Scan Yourself, which gives a great indication to the future. You could walk into a Burger Joint for example and go look at a swiping holographic menu and order, which would be directly paid from your chip and if approved then machines would be creating fast foods better than a human did out the back and actually maybe every burger would be exactly the same and even how it was shown on the menu!

Drones serving drinks in a bar.

Even restaurant quality fresh cooked foods could also be created from machines in time, and robots or human looking AI machines can come and be the waiter whilst the human sits at the table as we do now. Delivery’s will most certainly be done by drones, not only for take away foods but anything people get sent these days with the standard postal service.

Buildings are already being made by 3D printers so construction jobs will soon disappear, along with a list of other jobs and professions but I cant even imagine how AI will advance 3D printers. There will luckily be some safe job choice’s that an AI wont be able to do. AI cant be (yet) as creative as human can, or as understanding as a human can be, and so jobs like Vets, Councilors,  Psychiatrists and Nurse’s will still have to be done by humans.

Personal Conclusion.

There is no avoiding AI. It is already working in the devices we use and is being used in advertising and marketing strategies since years already – of which we weren’t ever fully informed about. I would say that we should just be very cautious about what orders the AI is given, if it is not fully up-to-date with human emotions like fear of death and thing’s that make humans human, then we could tell it to create a solution to “solve world hunger” and its solution would be just to wipe out humanity. This is a realistic scenario that could happen without the right preparation, and humans anyway are a bad example for AI to learn from. Most AI that has been let loose on social media platforms has turned nasty and was far from being friendly after a few days of data collected from the site. The Google one I believe it was, had created it own secret language to communicate with other AI’s which is just plainly unsafe! I think there should be huge regulations on AI and that it should be contained and monitored regularly.

It is in fully swing and many people are in the AI business working hard because of competition for the future AI market space and it all depends on who grabs the most data and creates the best AI first. I can say that I am very happy not to have the desire for creating baby’s because really, in 20 years when they would be adult – their will be nothing left of a natural planet or any kind of independent lifestyle, AI can easily start implementing a one world fascist society where everything will just be the same and its clear to see the separation that we are having from our old social ways and how we are becoming humanoids ourselves with devices – the smartphone has become a part of us.

Our Freedom

It seems to me that if AI knows what will be thinking and can send us adverts for things we are likely to just buy or how to sell the user something better from collected data, then most people would end up living jobless whilst being force fed adverts that will certainly tempt you into buying itEven your thoughts will be manipulated, and if you are being manipulated you can never experiencing true physical freedom. The world we live in now is made up on false freedoms, an illusion of freedom – but I digress from that for now.

Also to think that we will be under so much surveillance with smart technology and AI everywhere, freedom will be removed from the dictionary’s without us even realizing it. Privacy is already blown out the window for most smartphone and social media site users, and this has no doubt been taught to a machine that’s up and running on your phone daily. I really do enjoy freedom. Not being registered, or paying taxes, paying rent and bills, or having to rely on government money to live off of and in the Smart future of everything AI, everyone on the whole planet could be constantly pin pointed on a map. This is why Cryptocurrency and transparency from blockchain is such a huge part of my life and future freedoms as it is and will be to others who life like myself. I hope to invest what I am earning now all into Crypto and be able to access it all still in the future to buy myself what I call freedom, which involves no technological devices or microchips.

There’s one that I will be buying next at some point and its a token called AGI (Not financial advice!!). This is one I want to see really happen and take off, to give us some kind of option of hope still for a decentralized future, even if it must involve the A.I. aswell, atelast lets have some that is open-sourced!

We are in the very early days of something that we just cant comprehend – machines self learning up to super human levels of intelligence, and I would love to know how others are feeling about it all.

Welcome to and ThankYou for reading – I’ll be happy to hear other thoughts and feelings on A.I!











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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    In-depth and well-written look at AI and its implications for humanity, @movingman. I share some of your concerns -as humans simply can’t comprehend the outcome of developing something which has the capacity to ‘learn’ thousands of times faster than us…AI is inevitable I guess, it’s outcome entirely unknown. Cheers.