Hello, trybers wherever you are, hopefully we are always in good health. On this occasion I want to try to discuss the importance of good manners and morals in our lives.


Why do I say it is important and even very important in our lives and manners?

Because with good manners and morals someone will be able to respect, appreciate, understand someone else.

It is very important to teach every child about adab and morals so that he can behave well of course. Because if a child does not have good manners and morals, he will not respect the old and will not love the young.

It’s like we hear about a child hitting his parents, even though he has been raised from the womb by his mother, but when he was an adult he actually injured his parents. Why can this happen? This is due to the lack of adab education and morals towards a child.

Parents are the first people who play a role in terms of menab adab and moral good in the soul of a child and then is a teacher who taught him in school.

However, in schools today there is very little teaching about adab and morality that is taught more about other sciences related to making money even though it is very much needed in life.

A person who has a lot of knowledge but does not have the same attitude as someone who does not have a high school education.

Have good knowledge, manners and morals so that our lives become more beautiful, so that we can respect and be able to respect each other.

It is very important for us parents to provide good adab and moral education to children at an early age because if it is large it will not be able to be given again.

Because if it is still small it can still be bent like a small tree, and if it is an adult it cannot be bent again like a large tree, it will break if bent.

Thank you for viewing my blog, hopefully it will be a benefit for those of you who read it.


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  1. AD

    I prefer the word “morals” to “manners” when you refer to a child hitting his parents.
    Bad manners would be when you don’t say hello to your coworkers. Hitting your parents is worse than just bad manners.
    Nice topic.
    5 stars from me *****