Anger is one of the favorite human characteristics that often occurs in the community. Many humans have an angry and emotional character, so there is often domestic violence, school fights, and so on. With the nature of anger in humans will make association become narrow because someone who has the nature of anger like humans who hold hot coal with the intention of throwing it at others.

Humans are blessed with reason and lust by Allah Almighty. God bestows reason on humans so that humans can use their minds as well as possible and God bestows on lust for humans so that humans can control it.

Anger comes from the lust that is in humans, Buya hamka once said “Lust that causes anger”. Therefore someone who is able to control his desires can avoid anger. If not, then the anger that is in someone can cause revenge and envy. Angry and envy is an act that is very hated by Allah because it can cause a liver disease. In fact, people who have this attitude will greatly lose because they make life uncomfortable and uneasy.

The prohibition on the nature of anger has been mentioned in Al-quran and hadith, and there are even lots of motivations and wise words about overcoming anger. However, when someone is angry he cannot think clearly and do something outside his power. As a normal human being, he has an angry nature, but it is better to be angry not to overflow because humans are equipped to control anger. Everyone can be angry but not everyone can control their anger.

Talking about the nature of anger is inseparable from the nature of being patient because these two traits are opposite to each other. Many people say “Patience has limits”. The statement was very wrong because the one whose name was patient had no limits. People who have a patient nature can control their anger and people who can control their anger are great people. Therefore, patience is a trait that is easy to say but difficult to do. In addition, Mario also firmly said, “To love you must have strength. And the power to fight anger is patience. “

“Love and gentleness are human nature, anger and passion are the nature of animals”. That’s what Jalaluddin Ar-Rumi said. Basically, human nature is full of love and tenderness because humans have the mind to choose which are good and which are bad. It’s different from animals that always use instincts in doing things so they never think about the effects of what they do. And the nature that is natural to humans is shame, humans will remain in goodness as long as shame is maintained. While all actions that begin with anger will end in shame. From the description that you have read, do you still want to obey the passions that cause you to be angry?

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