Once upon a time, there was an island with happy people living on…

Feels like a fairy tail telling to a young child, right? To tell

the truth, this was a catastrophic freedom epic, ended with

disaster. This is the story of the struggle towards peace and ,

freedom against crazy maniac dictator.

The name of the island was “Delighted Society”. As it is understood

from the name, people were happy, blessed, joyful and friendly. I

don’t know where to start; from green pine tree forests, blue sea

like a natural aquarium or snow white gulls flying over the island…

It was blessed, peaceful, enchanted, magnificent island state. The

administration of this island was definitely liberalistic which

aims to promote for all citizens. It was all going good until the

dictator who I mentioned before, set foot on the island. Let’s look

at his background; He was a known, respectable and well considered

retired senior commander from military. He decided to move and live

on this utopic island together with his wife. Real nightmare started

for island citizens just after… He started his law executions with

setting up a managing board. He was so determined, tranquil and

convincing that citizens did not realize how they were imposed

and got within his striking distance. Citizens did not realize how

they were spinning around his orbit and obeying what he orders…

In the beginning, he destroyed the big forest, in order to build

money sources… Citizens were aware of everything, but could never be

against to him, because they believed that he always does the best

for themselves. The gulls, the real owners of this beautiful island

were so puzzled after the forest slaughter since their natural

balance was spoiled… They even did not know how to fly over big

stack of concretes and started to dive into people crowded areas.

Citizens did not mind and annoyed so much about gulls because they

all lived together happily for years; until commanders convincing

statement that the gulls are the real enemy for them!!!

Its unbelievable that citizens started to shoot and kill the

peaceful gulls. In addition to this, in order to finish gulls on

the island, they imported fox from other countries to eat gulls’

eggs. Because of the disruption of ecological balance, the

population of gulls started to decrease while population of snakes

started to increase and show up in the houses… Problems came one

after the other… a catastrophe after another one… Dictators solution

proposes never finished… His last proposal was to start a fire in

order to blow all the fox out of the island. Unfortunately with the

big affect of a sudden squall hall, our paradise island reduced to

ash with the citizens inside. This is how the utopic island became

into a real dystopia…

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