The Telos Team continues to work hard in getting the Main Net launched as soon as possible. The last published go vs. no-go date was 31 October 2018. Unfortunately the decision was not to launch as there are still a few outstanding issues that needs to be addressed. The good news is that the development of all code on the checklist has been completed. It is now a matter or completing all functional testing to ensure there are no bugs or unexpected issues.

You can view the Launch Checklist on the Telos website. (1)

The main outstanding functional testing on the code to be completed is:

  • Removal of non-producing BPs. This functionality will automatically unregister Block Producers that misses a certain number of blocks. (2)
  • Rewrite regproducer to include BP json format. As per Github “In EOSIO Main Net, Block Producer Candidates are required to create a bp.json file which is stored as statically server file available at the root of their website … This format provides useful information about the producer candidate, and their infrastructure. However, this format is off chain, and insecure. If possible we would like to bring this information on-chain, and keep it within the producers table.” (3)

Testing of the following also needs to be completed (1):

  • Governance regarding Telos Foundation voting tokens.
  • Different types of the Smart Contract.
  • Snapshot accounts.

Should you be interested you can view the YouTube video below where Douglas Horn explains the reasons for the no-go decision. (4) From the video it seems that the team believe they are very close in having the outstanding testing completed in the near future. There is also a good discussion on how you could get your Telos tokens even if you lost your EOS tokens or if they have been stolen.

The Telos team has not updated the Launch Checklist with a new target date at this stage. I recommend you bookmark the Launch Checklist page to get the latest on how things are progressing and a new target date for the launch.

Telos has also introduced a Community Rewards program. They are asking the Telos community to actively help spreading the word about Telos and the Telos Main Net launch. Telos has made 1 million TLOS tokens available to the community rewards pool. You can get rewarded by blogging, making videos and sharing on social media. Please have a look at the link below for more information. (5)







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  1. Miguel A. Cabanes

    Some time ago I heard about Telos and I even joined what looked like its Telegram channel, but the truth is that there have been almost no signs of life there in many months.
    Hopefully all that work in the shadow that they have been doing is worth to finally poke out their heads and shout how good they are.

    1. walterpret Post author

      I might be missing something, but the solid yellow dot indicates that code is in testing – I am not sure what you are referring to? Also, Douglas has confirmed as per the YouTube video that all code are in testing …