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For our sixteenth post, we have been dealt the ten of pentacles, which is the highest numbered card of the suit of the monetary aspects of life. It realizes that you have made your money, become successful, and have met all of your needs, so now what? You may look fondly back at things that seemed so momentous and difficult at the time, and now that is another you, and you are so glad that you’ve moved past those days.


Maybe now that you’ve completed all that you set out to do, you have no idea what to do next, or suffer from the abrupt change of suddenly not doing thirty of forty things a day. Maybe the change is too much too bear, or maybe it frees you to do something that you’ve always wanted to do.


If you are at the place in your life where you are somewhat successful, and aren’t struggling every day, maybe you need to consider what you can do more for yourself, or even what you can do for others. Maybe your work has contributed to generations by its research or its inventions, and many will benefit. But regardless, if you are fortunate enough not to have to worry about the basic necessities, then you need to consider what will keep you on that path, what can you do to secure this fortune, and what can you challenge yourself with now and what can you try now that you have this achievement.


The card also asks you to enjoy your happiness, not only from realising some success in life, but from all of the other ways that you have had a real uplifting experience. Are you happy because you are paying the bills, or are you happy to be sharing the bills with someone? Can you dance to the music, or shake your booty? Will you sing to the moon, or fall asleep to the sound of crickets? What in the world now will give you satisfaction, now that you have the time to ask?


In the poem that follows we look at all of these ideas of legacy. From a legacy of being recognized many generations from now, to a legacy of giving to the next generation, to the wonders and discoveries of each generation, and to the memory of a loved one in your life. What will endure of our success? What would we inscribe in stone now, if we should?


The Ten of Pentacles – March 11, 2019



Photo Credit: Archangel

Your serpent sceptre and ornate dress

Echo through generations

Of how your ingenious inventions

And high strategy

Garnered a woman the crown.

Inscribed in stones deciphered by foreigners

And told to me on a tour of a Mayan ruin

A time-warp of reverent worship

For all that she was.


My inheritance from a childless great aunt
Relieved me of my debts
With the karmic smiles
Of some really sweet past shit I must have done.
The effort of her years
Stepping me ever so forcefully
Into the nimble dance of possibility
Enabling my freedom of choices.


Say the world is round today
That we have our vaccines and antibiotics
That we communicate on tablets
Imagined on TV in the nineteen sixties.
Where does it lead?
When will science become magic
And fantasy, reality?
And when will we not know the difference?


I remember your effortless smile
Plotting a prank, or sacrificing for others
And I wish I could share all the wonders I’ve witnessed since
Acutely aware of what you would enjoy the most
And surrounding myself with what might give you joy
Means that your effortless voice
Telling a joke, or giving heartfelt advice
Is echoing through the years
Of drying tears.

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