Utqiagvik, the city will not see the sun for over 2 months. The long polar night in Alaska has begun, the inhabitants of the city of Utqiagvik will not see the sunlight until January 23, 2019. Incredible right? But how is it possible? Let’s see together what is happening at the poles and why the night lasts for several weeks.


It is called Utqiagvik the city of Alaska that began its polar night: for the next 65 days in fact the sun will not shine enough to take with it the day, but the darkness will reign. This is a period that is repeated every year in the Arctic Circle, in practice until January 23, 2019 citizens this city will not see the light. On the other hand, during the summer, they will not see the night.

Only night and only day. The north of Alaska is located on the Arctic Circle that, during the winter, is facing the outside of the solar system, so not towards the Sun that seems to never seem to dawn, the same goes for the summer, when the The hemisphere is more oriented towards the Sun, which therefore seems never to set.

The polar night.” The polar night is  therefore that period of the year in which the territories that lie between the two poles and the relative polar circle live in darkness for 24 hours, since the Sun always remains under the horizon, thus not allowing the passage of the his light. The total period lasts 6 months and affects different polar geographic areas at different times, ie based on latitude.

Obviously all this will have consequences on people’s lives, let’s see what they are. Living for more than two months in the dark, fascinating as it may seem, has many negative consequences on our state of health. Mainly, consecutive dark days increase the risk of depression. Some suffer from Seasonal Affective Syndrome – SAD, a mood-depressing disorder that affects when serotonin and SERT are in short supply and causes moodiness, melancholy and sadness. The same disturbance can also affect us, more lightly, when the cold season arrives and when the days are getting shorter and the hours of darkness increase. And have you ever felt depressed, without forces or simply tired because of the short days and the lack of light? To me personally yes, let me know your experiences below in the comments.

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