Cryptocurrency is the “people’s market” as I like to refer to it too because it is so easy to get in versus stock markets. This means new and inexperienced people are trading for the first time in their lives. There are no certainties or guarantees in the crypto-market. You have to adapt your mind and attitude to uncertainty. And, think about probability.

I am writing my articles to keep the new investors to the cryptocurrency community here on informed about Bitcoin past and present-day. When I came into the cryptocurrency community, it was learn as you go in a bear market. The information is not for the experienced day traders because they are using more TI (Technical Indicator) than me.  I use the basic Stoch RSI, MACD, and EMA 50 & 200.  Plus, Fibonacci for retracement of resistance and support levels.  Some information could be advantageous for swing traders. However, is mostly concentrated on the investor. I have not been on the scene as long as some of the known YouTubers. But, being part of EOS community, I have decided use this as a medium to distribute information to you with the best probability of what may happen to Bitcoin in the future.  You can make reasonable decision before using your money.  Anyone telling you otherwise is predicting the future and nobody knows exactly what will happen.

Here is my philosophy. I am not a smart person. I consider myself a knowledgeable person. What does that mean? A smart person tends to be centralized -knowing a specific area/task. Your average doctor will use an accountant to do their taxes. A knowledgeable person is more decentralized-having a plethora of knowledge in many areas/tasks. For example, I settled a claim with an insurance company for five figures. I prepare my own taxes. I am a landlord. I am self-employed. Lastly, retired US Army. Don’t get me wrong, it is not bad being smart. They were given a talent that is used as a service to make huge amounts of money. I rely on that talent for knowledge. My experience and basic knowledge will help you make reasonable decision to hopefully improve your outcome.

Investing is not about timing the market. My 401K took years to mature. It will grow much faster in this environment. It is about doing the research and diversifying. I listed a diversified portfolio in an earlier article for a bear market. While the price is decreasing the number of tokens is increasing in that portfolio (passive income dividends). When the market starts shifts to an uptrend, I will review portfolio as new technology emerge and the fundamental changes that affect the market. So, my advice to sit tight and wait till September before any major changes to portfolio. Always remember, I am not a Financial Advisor. This information is not financial advice but my opinion based on my knowledge and research into the crypto-community. The information can be used to help you have full understanding what you need to know about the crypto-community and improve your financial situation. Still, do your own research and never invest money you can’t afford to lose.

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