I went to como zoo and conservatory recently in St. Paul Minnesota. I was lucky enough to go into the Japanese bonsai collection. And I’m going to share some pictures of bonsai trees with everyone. I have alway’s thought bonsai trees are pretty cool, and was fascinated by these dwarf trees that stay minature size! I did have bonsai trees when I was a kid but they never lived long. I found that if they don’t have the right sunlight, temperature, and moisture in the soil or if you over water them they die, or the roots rot. I went to the exhibit though and the zoo are professionals at growing and keeping bonsai trees healthy they know what they’re doing, that’s for sure.

Bonsai in Japanese literally means tray planting or tree in a pot. Bonsai is the art of training the plant to an artistic shape. Bonsai have more then 1 species of tree. The art of bonsai can be applied to a variety of species. If done right by a professional the pruning of the bonsai can give the plant so much character!

History of Bonsai. The art of bonsai originated in China more than 1,000 years ago as penjing. Bonsai was brought to Japan in the 6th and 7’th centuries, the Japanese established bonsai as a art form with design styles and bonsai protocols. If bonsai are well taken care of they can live for hundreds of years. The older the bonsai tree the more highly regarded it is in appreciation. I also see a picture with all the tools and utensils to prune the bonsai plant. It really is a art and delicate job to care for the bonsai tree. I would think a very meticulous job indeed.

To grow bonsai you never use potting soil or garden soil. To grow bonsai you need a blend of gravel, pine bark, and clay. I think bonsai are quite popular and can be bought at outdoor market’s, flea markets, wholesale clubs, farmer’s market’s, or over the internet from a professional bonsai tree farm. I bought my bonsai when I was a kid in the back of a newspaper advertisement section.

Well i hope you enjoyed my article on bonsai plants. Here are some pictures I want to share with you from the como zoo in St. Paul Minnesota.