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PARSL RewardDrop update

What is PARSL?

Parsl is a platform that utilises leading edge technologies to create a supply chain that is efficient, transparent and safe.

The cannabis industry faces many varied challenges with different rules and regulations around the world. This includes banking, product and financial tracking, compliance, legitimacy, safety, marketing, packaging and a lack of standardisation.

Parsl has developed a unified approach that will pave the way for greater standardisation across the cannabis industry. This will be achieved through the deployment of the ITHACA eco-system, a platform which customises Parsl’s technology for the cannabis industry.

What is a rewarddrop?

The traditional airdrop model is broken. EOS holders receive airdrops and quickly send them to market not taking the time to engage the community or really find out about what the project stands for. At Parsl, we wanted to engage the EOS community but also create a chance for an equitable and fair stake and reward those who follow the project and support our mission and goals.

The rewarddrop will be distributing 900 million tokens in monthly airdrops over the course of the next 12 months.

The SEED utility token/ Rewardrop quick facts

PARSL uses a dual token economy. One is a stable coin used for transactions while SEED is the main token used to pay for access to the platform and pay for subscriptions. The value of the SEED token will be dictated by the free market economy and token holders will later be entitled to a portion of inflation through a staking mechanism, when the platform is live and functional. Inflation will be set at five percent 5% per year.


Total supply
– 2 billion

Allocated for initial airdrop and 11 subsequent monthly airdrops
– 900 million

Internal Distribution
– 500 million

Marketing and platform development
– 250 million

EOS holding
– 250 million

ITHACA foundation (supporting advocacy and awareness of the legalization of medical marijuana)
– 100 million

Initial rewarddrop

You must hold over 100 EOS in your account to be eligible. For people with less than 100 EOS, read about the SEEDgrab at the bottom of this article.

1000 tokens will be dropped to each EOS account based on the snapshot taken on October 24th, 2018

RewardDrop Distribution date: October 29th, 2018

Exchange accounts will have their tokens held in escrow, until that exchange publicly agrees to support the airdrop.

Why ongoing Rewardrops?

After our initial distribution is done, we want to ensure we incentivize our SEED token holders to enjoy the developments and participate in the platform for the long haul.

Over the course of the following 11 months we will be doing monthly airdrops based on your weekly average holdings of SEED tokens.

An unannounced snapshot will be taken each week and your share of the monthly airdrops will be based on an average of the four snapshots. SEED purchased on exchanges will be eligible towards your totals but even those who hold the initial airdrops will be rewarded for doing so with more SEED tokens.

Hold more SEED, get rewarded with more SEED tokens. Our thanks to you for being a part of our community

What do I need to do?

Because we want to encourage participation, each subsequent drop after the first will be dependent on the completion of a quick task (fast survey or social share – which may vary from month to month and have multiple options). Log in, complete the quick task, and ensure you get your distribution for being a loyal participant in our token economy

Support the project and get bonuses

Not only are we going to thank you for your support by holding our tokens, we are going to reward the top SEED token holders with bonuses.

Each of the 11 drops after the initial one will be allocated 70 million SEED tokens, as follows
-50 million SEED tokens are airdropped evenly to all accounts
-15 million SEED tokens will be airdropped evenly to accounts in the top 25% of SEED token holdings
-5 million SEED tokens will be airdropped evenly to accounts in the top 5% of SEED token holdings

The additional SEED airdrops are a way of incentivizing our supporters to follow through with the project and stay engaged and excited with updates while promoting a stable token economy for our investors.


If you have less than 100 EOS in your account at the time of the initial Parsl snapshot, then you are eligible for the Parsl SEEDgrab. To participate, you must register before the 1st of January and you will be part of the pool of users that receive a reward.

If you had over 100 EOS in your account at the time of the initial Parsl snapshot, then you are not eligible for the SEEDgrab.

There are 10,000,000 SEED tokens allocated for the Parsl SEEDgrab. When registration closes, all 10 million SEED tokens will be evenly split between all of the users that have registered. The tokens will be available in wallets on by 1st February.


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  1. Renontrybe

    Hmmm poor me , I have less than 100 eos, I think it is not far in that that some of us come from poor nations where 500 USD is lot of money to acquire 100 Eos.
    I guess I will miss on this one and I feel it favours the wealth nations when it comes to airdrops. I love eos, I think it has great potential I just can’t afford 500 USD now.

    1. Rich Reeve

      I totally agree with you dude.

      Renontrybe, if you hit me up after the airdrop date, I’ll gladly send you some of mine.
      Send a friend request and then remind me with a public message after the date.

    2. SugarFix

      It’s even worse for poor people who want to get involved with projects like eosDAC. There are serious barriers to inclusion being set to exclude the poor. We need to work on projects that include everyone. There are more poor in the world than wealthy so any distributed project should win in the medium term.

    3. Parsl Post author

      Hi Renon,
      Sorry to hear that.
      At this stage, due to the price of ram and the amount of accounts with little to no eos in them, we decided as a team that there would be a cut off. We want all the tokens that we airdrop to be in the hands of as many active people that are interested and excited by the project as possible.
      In saying that there will be some bounty programs taking place in the coming weeks that will enable anyone, regardless of account size, to claim some seed token.
      Stay tuned and follow our Telegram to make sure you don’t miss out!

  2. Cryptoslice

    link didnt work. i like how they are holding the airdrop from exchanges until they agree to give them to holders. every airdrop should do this to many exchanges not paying out an could be dumping millions of there tokens.

    1. Parsl Post author

      Hi Ilia,
      Parsl is actually quite a different project to is primarily a cannabis specific social network, whereas Parsl is primarily a supply chain technology platform. Please stay tuned to our website and telegram channel as we release further updates on the details of our system.

  3. B-S

    I agree with some of the others. 100 EOS is not that easy to aquire for some people, but it’s possible. Meanwhile I’m not holding any EOS and I’m not sure if i will have them until end of october.

    1. Rich Reeve

      Oh really. Thats interesting to know. Thanks for the heads up. This fact along with the loss of liquidity should mean a higher return for leasing. I don’t feel motivated to lease at 0.05% if I risk missing out on airdrops too.