Update! Nov. 30th 2018:  A new video from Prospectors project:

Hello fellow Trybers!

For those who do not know there is a great site called EOS GO  and it is like a the CoinMarketCap site for EOS tokens. While searching through EOS GO I noticed at the 4th position a token called Prospectors (PGL) and was very curious about this token.

 Anyway, PGL token is used for a game called Prospectors  and it is the first ever Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy (MMORTES) game powered by EOSIO blockchain. I always believed gaming would be one of the powerful applications for blockchain technology and this one looks very interesting indeed. You can watch a short video below:

The recent gambling dApps have been compared to the wild west and the Prospectors Game is set in the times of the Gold Rush days. In 1848 gold was discovered in California and many headed west as gold prospectors and they became known as the 49ers as this was the year the California gold rush started, btw this is also where the San Francisco 49ers get their name from.

Anyway, I digress, the game has an economic model where you collect and use different assets (wood, water, clay, stone) and workers to acquire as much gold as you can. There is a map of the game world and you can see what is happening such as who is getting new lots, and who is constructing new buildings. The developers want to create an alternative reality in the form of the blockchain-based economic strategy with the ability to earn real money from playing the game. So not only are you enjoying playing the game you can earn some money playing the game. Initially it will launch as a desktop web version, but plans to have a mobile app.

The game has its own cryptocurrency Gold (PGL) token that you earn during the game play or you can purchase on exchanges (eg Newdex). It could be a very good investment to buy early (but this is not financial advice please do your own research). Like bitcoin, the PGL token has a limited supply and only 220 million coins will be in circulation. Half of the 220 million (110 million) PGL tokens are reserved for the game and can be mined during game play. I should mention here like EOS, the PGL token was originally launched as and Ethereum ERC20 token but the developers have now migrated to the EOS blockchain (because of speed, scalability and free transactions). I think many developers are seeing the real potential of EOSIO blockchain for their dApps.

The Prospectors team is devoting a lot of time to creating the economic model for the game balance supply. They will use real instruments to calculate the game assets, taking into account the number of materials used and time spent for their creation. It looks like the team is creating a very interesting game and I look forward to seeing how this game develops.




For more information see their website and white paper

All screen shots were captured from their website or white paper.

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