Disclaimer: As usual, none of the following is professional/investment advice.

Phantom (https://alpha.phantom.org) is a private smart contract platform to be launched soon.  According to its lightpaper, ” … there is a dire need of a platform where users can reap the benefits of running a decentralized application such as a lending system, but maintain the privacy needed to keep the transactions discrete between the parties involved. PHANTOM allows these smart contracts to become privately placed within the ledger where its deployment and code can be seen by the nodes to be verified valid, however the transactions running through the smart contracts will remain encrypted with the ability to be viewed by those only holding the secret view keys within their wallets.”

It seems that Phantom will have its well defined use cases, which is good for its future. There is a plan for a NFC Based Payment Card and a merchant solution, which in turn will need a liquidity pool in order to function properly.

The Phantom coin is called ZINC (XNC)Phantom is being built on top of ARK’s open-source blockchain, and ARK  holders will receive ZINC at a 3:1 ratio based on a snapshot to take place on 30th of August 00:00 UTC.

Phantom will use the Delegated Proof-of-Stake algorithm, the same as ARK, so one will be able to stack ZINC for passive income. I will therefore keep this project on my radar.

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