Daniel Larimer, CTO of Block One recently proposed an idea to add a resource exchange or REX to the EOS mainnet that will allow users to rent their EOS.

The REX will allow EOS token holders to make passive income. It will also allow DApp developers to rent resources that are allocated to the rented EOS (The EOS will be staked to generate resources). This will have both positive and negative effects while I believe the positive impact outweighs the negative.

This update will decrease the development cost for developers who will be able to run DApps without buying a lot of EOS tokens. They can just rent the necessary resources with much less costs. This will be very beneficial for developers with a low budget. This will be a significant positive impact of the proposed update.

EOS has a finite amount of CPU power that it can provide for its users. The REX will allow users to buy cheap CPU power and this could potentially lead to a lot of CPU power being used by renters which may make things hard for people with low amount of CPU staked. EOS users with 1-4 EOS staked could end up having CPU resources run out for them after making a few transfers. To solve this, they will have to stake more EOS or rent resources from REX. I will class this as a negative.

Another positive impact would be that this will potentially attract more new investors because REX will allow EOS holders to make money by renting out their EOS in the form of resources.

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