There is an old African proverb which says “if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm”

The mind is the most powerful force you will ever know. Your body can do absolutely anything and adapt to any change. Its your mind that needs convincing. Once you are able to conquer your thoughts, then you are only a step away from attaining your heights in life.

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There is a little difference between the rich and the poor and that little difference makes a big difference. That difference is “mindset”.

A person with a poor mindset will ask questions like: “why am i so poor”? Wile a person with a rich mindset will ask questions like “what can I do to be rich”.

Let me tell you a story about a Elephant that was trapped in its mindset all through its entire life. When the Elephant was Little, it was tied to a tree with a rope, on several occasions, the Elephant tried to break free from the rope but to no avail, all efforts made were all futile. So the Elephant came to a conclusion that it didn’t have enough strength to set itself free from the rope. Even when the Elephant was fully blown, thesame rope was used to retract the Elephant to thesame tree. At this point, the Elephant is no longer trapped there by the rope but by its own thoughts. This same scenario applies to the lives of alot if people out there. The fact that you tried something once and did not succeed does not mean you are a failure. You need to understand the difference between failing and being a failure.

You become a failure when you gives up on trying. Break through is never instantaneous but as a result of perseverance.

If you keep thinking negatively about yourself, then you stand a great chance of being a prophet.

The footprints to your life lies on your hands. You and you alone can decide what path you want to insert those prints.

One great lesson I learnt from the book “Rich Dad poor Dad” Is that, you should not look for excuses why you are not rich, instead, look for reasons why you should be rich. poor Dad said “the reason I’m not rich is because I have kids” while Rich Dad said “ the reason why I have to be rich is because I have kids”.

Being successful is simply the ability to use situations and adversity to your own advantage. You need to condition your mind to think positively even in the midst of Negativity.

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