There are some objects that, thanks to the most advanced technology, chase record numbers in their dimensions and in their ability to function.

Following certain objects and seeing how they evolved is very interesting and fascinating.

Let’s see some numbers. Record numbers.

The computer.

It was presented in 2018 during IBM Think the smallest computer in the world: its side measures just a millimeter and, of course, it is virtually impossible to see but this little technological jewel contains all the elements of a computer.

The ability to make objects smaller and smaller is a constant challenge for technology.

The road made by technology in the field of computer size until today is really so much if you think that Colossus, so it was called the first electronic and programmable computer invented by the British for the purpose of deciphering secret messages during the Second World War, occupied a whole room!

At the National Museum of Calculus houses the world’s largest collection of working historical computers, including the reconstructed Colossus.


In this museum it is possible to know the technological evolution that this machine has had that now is a life and work companion for us and that has definitely changed our habits.

To think that today we have managed to reduce in this way the dimensions of this technological jewel gives us the measure of how much science and technology can still amaze us.

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  1. Paul Oluwanisola

    Wow! Human continues to surprise nature herself.. We really are powerful beyond measure. We just need to believe, to imagine, to try, to act and many impossibilities will continue to become possible. It really amazing how computers have evolve in size and function.
    Great post @mina