Another object that, over time and thanks to technology has been reduced to very small dimensions, is the camera.

The one that was considered the first camera, built in 1839 by the Susse brothers in Paris, was recently auctioned for about 588,000 euros and its size, being a model of daguerreotype – the ancestor of cameras – not they certainly go unnoticed!

On the other hand, the micro – spheres that are on the market of the most varied shapes and sizes, obviously very small, must go unnoticed. Like the one that is smaller than the palm of a hand or the hidden micro camera in a USB stick!

In short, if the first camera was not certainly very small, today, after a long journey into high technology, we can have incredibly small models.

Like that, recently presented by Medigus (, an Israeli company in Tel Aviv, which is really a masterpiece of technology.

This micro camera, intended to be used for investigations in the medical diagnostic field and is considered the smallest camera in the world measuring just 0.99 mm (diameter).

Instead, the most expensive camera in the world and the HASSELBLAD H4D 200MS ($ 50,000). A jewel of technology that returns photos at very high resolution (from 50 to 200 megapixels). But a rare piece, a Leica of 1923, was sold in an antique auction for a sum of 2.4 million euros. Another record for cameras.

Finally we see two very famous cameras in the history of photography. The Kodak Brownie was the camera that, at the beginning of the twentieth century, had a resounding success (also because of its simplicity of use). It was sold in millions of copies for the very popular figure of a dollar and its advertising slogan was You push the button, we do the rest.

The Leica M3 instead was the favorite car of great photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, William Eugene Smith and Robert Frank.

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