Prince of Dubai and Emir of Sharjah with a visit to the Office of Roads and Transport in Dubai where the skyway technology and the presented multi-person unibike and one-member unicar were presented.

Sheikh Hamdan ibn Mohammad Al Maktum, heir to the throne of Dubai, shared his impressions on Twitter about Skyway Technology.

Dubai thinks out-of-the-box… It is taking bold steps with the aim of kick-starting a revolution in transportation by undertaking new projects such as the Dubai Sky pods, a futuristic mobility system that requires one tenth the infrastructure of conventional transit systems.

So very good news flows from Dubai for all of us who are investing in this project. The interest in the Skyway technology of such a high-ranking person like Prince Hamdan ibn Mohammad Al Maktum confirms that I have invested in the right horse (skyway transport).

See how much Skyway can bring to your life.

I have news that other countries are also interested in Skyway transport technology.

In Dubai, the first line of string transport will be built, but also the factory where all Skyway vehicles will be built. It is also a strategic place from which will be transported everything that will be produced on other continents, to countries that are also interested in the construction of Skyway stringed transport.


164,000,000,000 DOLLARS

Over 100 companies and authorities showed interest in SkyWay technology.

This interest is not only words, but specific documents confirming the readiness of initial orders for the SkyWay transport system

Preliminary contract for the construction of the intercontinental speed route «London – Berlin – Moscow – Tokyo»  — 60 000 000 000 $

The next contract for the construction of the high-speed route «Moscow – Minsk – Vilnius – Kaliningrad» — 4 000 000 000 $

A preliminary contract for the construction of the high-speed route «Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane» and beyond Australia — 80 000 000 000 $

Preliminary agreement for the construction of a freight route in Bolivia through «Mutun – seaport of the Pacific Ocean» — 8 000 000 000 $

Preliminary agreement for the construction of a high-speed route in Vietnam running through «Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh» — 7 000 000 000 $

But there are many other countries that are interested in Italy, Switzerland, Argentina and Brazil. Even on Japanese television, a film about the innovative Skyway transport was broadcast. It is amazing because we emit the technological innovations that flow from the country of the blossoming cherry.


thanks to SKYWAY technology!

– $ 400,000,000,000 – the value of SkyWay technology, assessed by independent experts.

– Over 350,000 specialists, professionals and ordinary people have already become co-owners of SkyWay technology

– USD 164 billion – the amount of preliminary agreements on the construction of transport systems based on SkyWay technologies around the world

– A 100% safe alternative to all existing types of transport

– It is several dozen times more economical compared to all modern transport systems

–  The speed with which passengers and cargo can carry 500 km / h

So remember, if you have not yet invested in Skyway, it’s worth to do your own research and decide before 12/12/2018.

After this date, it will not be possible to own a part of the company 255 shares for $ 15. Bold investors who believed in Skyway in 2014 were able to purchase 400,000 shares for $ 1,000, it is now possible to have 40,000 shares of the company for $ 1,000. What will be worth the action after December 12th I do not know. It is possible that the company no longer needs to be co-financed, because it has enough down payments on account of new investments, that it will not need private sector financing or investors. It should be remembered that the shares are lifetime with the possibility of placing an heir. This means that not only you but also your children can enjoy passive income. Holders of major shares. Skyway have the opportunity to invest in specific projects (investments) that it will carry out.

Shares bought for 1000 $………………………………..Today they are worth it.

– Facebook May 18, 2012  now 5000 $

– Netflix May 23, 2002  now  326000 $

– Apple December 12, 1980 now  8 million dollars.

– Amazon May 15, 1997 now 865000 $.

– Google August 19, 2004 now 22000 $  ……………………and so far.

And where will Skyway be in 5 years or 10 years. How much will the shares be worth. As much as facebook shares, maybe Amazon. I am convinced that more than they are worth now.

If you want to learn more about Skyway, you can sign up using my link. After registration, you will gain access to all Skaway products. There you will find all information about investment plans if you are interested. Registration costs nothing and does not oblige.

Thank you for reading my article.

I greet everyone.

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    1. Zawodowiec Post author

      Thank you Mawardi.As every year in July, Skyway organized a meeting for investors in the area of EcoPark in Belarus. I hope that in 2019 the meeting will be held in Dubai and I will be able to see this city and the country with my own eyes.