The current millennial era is that many digital coins are traded, but among all digital coins that are traded not all have bright prospects going forward, it can even be said that there are digital currencies that are threatened with failure to circulate and exist in the market, the cause of the currency’s failure to circulate in the market certainly very much depends on the way and technical management carried out by the publisher.

Talking about the success or failure of a coin in the market, all of us all certainly have different views and attitudes in addressing this, because the success of the coin circulating in the market is very dependent on the marketing process carried out by the owner. If talking digital coins that have been circulating on the market such as Bitcoin (BTC), Etheureum (ETH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Litecoin (LTC), and some others, of course we don’t need to doubt that the digital currency is the currency has been successful in the market, even though the price is not the same but their activities in the cryptocurrency market are no doubt.

Now that there are a lot of digital currencies coming out in the form of ICO, their success in the digital market is definitely not tested because they are not in the market yet, personally I really like the development of Cryptocurrency in the millennial era now, but what we have to do is ensure surely which currency has the prospect for us to invest, because if one chooses a currency to invest, then the risk we will get is the loss of capital that has been invested in the investment.

Among the many digital currencies that have been circulating, personally I really like the prospect of EOS and other coins under its control, because the digital coin was born and developed from one of the people I admire in the world of Cryptocurrency, namely @daniel Larimer , this is only my perception that you personally can have a much different view from me as a form of democracy among us together in the world of cryptocurrency.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all friends because the purpose of this writing is to share. This is my own article that I translated from Indonesian into English.

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By: @safwaninisam

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