You gotta let me in!

We need to try again,

Don’t you want to win?

Why are you screaming?

I did nothing,

Let’s just make this come out of something…

I know I probably hurt you,

But, you forced me to!

What do you want me to do?

No, you don’t understand,

I’m feeling as if i’m drowning within,

Let’s give each other another chance,

Let’s finishe this dance.

You can’t run,

I need your help to stand this storm!

I love you…

I can’t let this one thing break me and you,

I know we are strong,

Just hold on.

Please, don’t say them words!

They can’t be true!

Your putting cracks in my heart,

It burns,

It hurts,

This is no fun…

Your the only one,

Who can stop my tears,

But, what will I do?

You caused my fears.

And now your walking away,

You didn’t even say good-bye.

I feel my heart slowly ripp,

I feel myself die.

As if my heart was teasing me,

Saying “Ha good try.”

And picking me apart,

Because I actually thought that you and me were going to be together forever,

Yes, I thought that from the start.

I don’t hate you,

I hate myself,

Not for trusting you,

But for trusting me.

I am weak…

I am sad,

I am broken,

Just like glass.

Will I ever prove my heart wrong?

Will I ever truly be loved?

Or will I forever be stuck,

In this never ending love song,

This love song, that always ends wrong.

I can’t bear the thought,

Of the song playing over, and over again.

I think i’ll go in the wilderness,

And hide away,

From the songs ways.

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  1. Zeus69

    Hi @Veenu, I have rated your post, thank you for this, I suggest a bit of restructure on your post, maybe might be a bit too lengthy on content, is it a song with a poetic edge? Try paragraphing and perhaps work with a particular rhyme scheme, read up on poetry structures, etc.
    I hope you appreciate my critic.
    Mark (Zeus69)