As some of you may know, Betdice, a dice gambling dApp, just launched in EOS a few days ago. The dApp offers the user to login using Scatter wallet and bet rolling the dice after deciding the amount to bet and the risk/reward he/she wants to take. At present time, when you register, you get 1000 DICE, the token launched by the app which already can be traded at Newdex and Dexeos.

It is just a simple dApp, no big deal on that, but the interesting thing to point out is the usage volume and its implications:

First, it has become the biggest EOS dAPP by transaction volume. Just looking at EOSRadar shows the amount of transaction during the last days. The three biggest d’Apps are betting gambling ones. EOS blockchain is just growing its global transaction volume and does not seem to suffer at all, just remember what happened to Ethereum last year when Cryptokitties launched and the blockchain started suffering from the volume increase.

And now, think just for a second the number of people having EOS, just select the amount of those who have them on an EOS account and not still in the exchanges, then discard the ones who do not have scatter and finally extract the ones that just do not bet at all.  We are just talking peanuts volume compared to the huge volume dApps like this can have once crypto goes mainstream and the regular Joe can just bet or play with an easy IOS or Android dApp.

We are just at the beginning of the Crypto industry era, but I consider this example as the first stress test of the current Blockchain closer to mainstream potential, and we can say the test was clearly successful!

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