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In Japan, at Mount Fuji (富士山) foots there is the Aokigahara (青木 ヶ 原) forest, also known as Jukai (樹 海) she’s famous for the high number of suicides that happens inside, very sad the reputation that she have since 1950, year in which there were 30 suicides, up to 2003 where the number of deaths has even reached 130, since that year, considering the rise of the tragic events, the government has finished to public the statistics, trying not to damage too much the image of this place, like that it’s not associated exclusively to those crimes, statistics that apparently and unfortunately have remained the same.

This place seems enchanted, you can just look quickly the internet images to get an idea of ​​how beautiful and intriguing this place that’s attached to the north-western part of the volcano, which is also the highest mountain’s nation (3.776 m).

Is characterized inside by lava rocks, ice caves, thick trees and shrubs, which stop the wind and turn it into a particularly silent place. At its borders can be found signs that invite people to meditate deeply before committing certain fatal actions, with phrases like this one:

Your life is a precious gift from your parents. Think about them and the rest of your family. You don’t have to suffer alone.

It makes me wonder how these kind of sentences, although profound and truthful, can have effect on those who have decided to make such an extreme gesture, and for that it’s really difficult to be able to distract their intent.


The highest number of suicides usually happens in March, the month that corresponds to the end of the Japanese fiscal year, leading them back to economic reasons.

Another question that comes to mind is how certain people can be fascinated by this place that it’s far from a nice reputation, despite this forest is a destination for many hikers, cyclists and adventurers seen the type of vegetation.

I know this place once again thanks to the TV program Dark Tourist, where it’s illustrated the fact that many visitors of the forest go into it exclusively for its “dark side” and go in search clues such as noose, different ropes or glass bottles, or even dead bodies.

In recent years, the most used methods of suicide have been hanging and drug overdose.

I’m a life lover and I ‘m searching to understand the meaning of this, I will for sure never understand what think the people that take their life prematurely and spontaneously, naturally not having lived their lives and the consequent experiences I will never be able to understand it, however I’m firmly convinced that life should be lived to the best possible way even when living really obscure periods, as he said long time ago a television character surely wiser than me:

> Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. (Cit. Phil Donahue)



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