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The bear continues to over-stay his welcome but crypto moves on. The baby steps of blockchain adoption continue apace such as Ohio soon to allow businesses to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. The clash of perspectives rages on even as a detente seems achieved between the warring factions of Bitcoin cash. Will it last – unlikely but at least it’s off centre stage. And to take its place – concerns over SEC rulings against ICO’s, price concerns, the steady drum-roll of ‘crypto is dead’ and ‘I told you so’. Still, so much being done and an ever-deepening well of data to parse and competing perspectives to explore. As Antonio Pomplianio likes to put it, ‘ The virus is spreading.’ I know I seem to have caught it.

This week I’ve added a link to a BTC utility to the end of the post. It estimates the coming hashing difficulty adjustment – very useful and just downright interesting.


For EOS proponents an exciting teaser from Dan Larimer:

Lawyer’s take on SEC future actions in ICO space:

A BTC buyer explains why:

For another gallows chuckle:

Interesting take on BTC whitepaper:

Joseph Thomas speaking sense:

Ideas relevant right now:

On personal traits and business:

For content creators everywhere:

Concerning times:


BTC still the trade of the decade:

Ohio now lets you pay your taxes in BTC

The futility of banning blockchains and dApps:

ICO regulations on the way:

BTC is equity and blockchains are organizations:

Crypto Law explored (a lot to take-in here):


Wide-ranging, informative AMA with the founder of Cardano – Charles Hoskinson:

Nic Carter – Bitcoin Macro discussion:


Bitcoin bottom and crypto adoption:

EOS ecosystem roundup:

EOS backup producers face a significant problem:


Challenges to blockchain adoption:

Bank Fractional Reserve Lending:


Bitcoin difficulty estimator:

There you have you it, another engaging week in crypto. If you have any suggestions re format and content, I’d love to hear them. As always, looking forward to your comments and critiques.

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      1. CryptosDecrypted Post author

        The difficulty indicator – I have no idea what goes on under the hood – more your area of competency but its an interesting means of tracking miner profitability and BTC resilience to price fluctuations. Next difficulty adj should be in about a day or so with a 15% drop..making it more profitable to mine were the price to remain stable. As miners shut down the difficulty drops, as they enter the system it ramps up – 2 week lag in either case. Price has dropped severely, miners have ceased mining – dif drops – equilibrium is reached. I guess you know all this stuff already.